The degree to which a system or component avoids compromising, corrupting, or delaying sensitive information.

The trait of deserving trust and confidence.

Trustworthiness is a moral value considered to be a virtue. A trustworthy person is someone in whom we can place our trust and rest assured that the trust will not be betrayed.

A person can prove his trustworthiness by fulfilling an assigned responsibility - and as an extension of that, to not let down our expectations. The responsibility can be either material, such as delivering a mail package on time, or it can be a non-material such as keeping an important secret to himself.

In order for one to trust another, their worth and integrity must be constantly proven over time.

Today Hailey's school held a Core Virtues Assembly and awarded kids from each class that displayed one of the core values they have been studying this quarter. I am beaming with pride as I tell you that Hailey was selected for the Trustworthiness Award for 1st grade! That's my girl!

Happy Birthday Chrysti!

Cheers to "good times!"  We love you.

30 Weeks Belly Picture

Well, it sure doesn't look small to me. I had my fetal growth ultrasound today and am a bit blue. He has gone from 50th% -> 37th%-> 21st% today. So he is still above that all important 10th% mark, but I had hoped he would be big enough that it wouldn't even be a worry. I will go back in three weeks to check on him again. Everything else looked great. He is breech, but there is still time for that to change.

I am feeling great and can't believe we have just 10 SHORT weeks until we will be holding our little guy. YIKES a newborn is about to invade. I have a lot to do in the next two months.

Back to Being Ornery

Thankfully the bug was quick and so far selective, but it did cross species. Only Karlie and the dog Daisy landed in puke city. Today Karlie is good as new and back to herself.

Here is a sample of my 3 year old going on 13.

Karlie: "Mom, Sydney had gum when she gave me a hug today."

Me: "Different families have different rules."

We don't let them chew gum until they are older. We had one too many near choking episodes and I am sure they have 20 pieces still sitting in their stomachs.

Karlie: "But, we are best friends and we do everything together!"

Me: Turn away and roll my eyes. "Well, not this."

She is going to be a fun teenager, I can see that now.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. You were the wall for the rest of us!

Better Times

We had to wait and have our Valentine’s Day dinner over the weekend because everyone was sick on Valentine’s Day. Once all were healthy we feasted on crab legs, pasta, asparagus and Cesar salad. For desert none other than devil’s food chocolate cake with strawberry frosting. Our streak of health didn’t last long, a mere 7 days.

We had a wonderful weekend enjoying my sister’s rehearsal dinner, wedding, and getting to visit with my in-laws. Max took the in-laws to the airport and that signaled the end of good times. Both of the older girls cried because of their grandparents’ departure and that Monday was waiting for them in the morning. This meant daddy would be back to work and Hailey has to go to school. After hugs, lots of consoling, and bathing them, Karlie started to complain of her tummy hurting. At first I blew it off as an over tired kid who was ready for bed. That is until she vomited all over me, and practically every part of the bathroom. I was shocked by the sheer volume and projection. Enough said.

My oldest sister and her son came down with it on Saturday night. I was hoping it was something they ate. I got on my gloves and got to cleaning, this was going to get messy with three kids. We lined the beds and floor next to their beds with towels and gave the older girls puke buckets. With everyone tucked in we went to sleep. For all of 45 minutes. Karlie was sick again. I knew this was going to be a long night for me with no help from Max. He had set his alarm for 3:30 am to go to work. I couldn’t very well ask him to wake-up and help. So after 4 times of me grunting and trying to as quickly as I could roll out of bed and waddle into Karlie’s room, I gave up and got the sleeping bag and mat on the floor next to her.

My stomach began to cramp and my mouth to salivate. It was only 11pm. I don’t know if I was truly feeling bad or if the anticipation of two more sick kids, loads of puke towels, and the thought of me vomiting were causing the discomfort. Pregnant and puking is a bad combo. I have enough problems making my bladder behave when coughing, sneezing or laughing, I can only imagine what additional laundry puking would bring! For the first time in this pregnancy NOTHING sounds good to eat and I am dreading driving Hailey to school. I would just love to get more vomit in my car and on the car seats that just finally got reassembled after our last puke escapade. I sure hope March will bring a little luck and better times to our house.

Thursday 13- To Do List

1. Vacuum the entire house, even the dreaded stairs.
2. Mop.
3. Wash the windows. The in-laws might like to be able to see outside while they are here.
4. Kaitlin's Speech Therapy
5. Karlie's gymnastics class.
6. Get my hair done!
7. Laundry. What's new.
8. Two beds changed, 3 to go.
9. Get the guest room ready. It currently is Max's closet with clothes all over the bed and floor.
10. Clean the stove and microwave. It is practically spotless all the time anyway, so should only take a few hours.
11. Get grocceries for the weekend. The fridge is near bare.
12. Try to fit in a shower. I am going to be stinky if I get all this done today.
13. Iron clothes for the wedding. You all know I only iron in crisis situations. This is one of them.

Note to In-laws: I do this stuff every Thursday. Really, especially cleaning the windows and mopping.


I am in the midst of Girl Scout Cookie hell, my older sister is getting married on Saturday, my little sister just got engaged, my in-laws are coming on Friday, and I have about a million kid things to do (speech therapy, gymnastics, library, brownie meetings, homework, sew a costume, laundry, dishes, pick-up, cook, clean-even the bathrooms, change all the sheets, pick-up, volunteer projects, wedding shopping, laundry, did I mention pick-up?). Oh, and we are in the middle of redoing the nursery too. Sorry if I haven't been by to say hi or don't post. I might survive the weekend and be back to tell about it. In-laws, if you are reading this, my house really always looks the way you will see it on Friday. This is just an exaggeration for the blog's sake. Really. It is spotless.

Here We Go Again...

I had my check-up with my Dr. (the same Dr. I have seen for all 4 pregnancies) last week and it looks like we will get to play jump through high-risk hoops again. My first two pregnancies were high risk because I was given he diagnosis of Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR). This means for one of many reasons the baby is not growing at the rate it should. Once the baby measures in the less than 10th% you get this lovely IUGR stamped in your chart. With my first it was a frightening experience. I had to go on bed rest immediately at 32 weeks and the Dr. delivered me a month early for fear of a fetal demise. A surprising thing happened when Hailey was born. She was a pound bigger than they had projected and didn't even qualify as small for gestational age. We were so terrified for most of her pregnancy it seemed a miracle and we were more than pleased.

With the second pregnancy I was monitored from the beginning with monthly ultrasounds and at that magic 32 week mark, once again I fell below the 10th%, so it was bed rest again. This time however the placenta and blood flow to Karlie was adequate enough to allow me to go to 39 weeks. Once again a miracle happened and in the time frame of 30 minutes she went from a projected weight of 4 lbs and 15 oz by ultrasound to 6 lbs and 11 oz at birth. Hmmmm. Either the ultrasound machine or the infant scale is off caliber. This time I was a little perturbed and teased the doctor about his ultrasound skills. He said, "Well it looks like the bed rest worked." Right.

I was determined to have a normal pregnancy with my 3rd, Kaitlin. I negotiated to not be monitored by ultrasound unless my fundal height fell off the curve this time. My Dr. agreed to this request. I did after all have a well-grown baby in spite of the IUGR label that kept blaring at him every time I saw him. However, by the third trimester he felt I needed a few extra scans just to be sure. Kaitlin managed to stay in the 30th% and I was allowed to go into labor with her and achieved a VBAC after two cesareans (I had to be high risk somehow!). She weighed in at 6lbs and 13 0z.

Now onto baby #4. At my 28 week visit I measured 25 weeks by fundal height. This is a major bummer for two reasons. The first being that I now have to be monitored closely, which could lead to bed rest (yeah right with 3 kids) and possibly an early delivery. Of course I want what is best for him, but with my track record, it is hard for me to get worked up that there is a problem. I have a very long torso. Couldn't I just not fit on the curve? As for the ultrasound measurements, well they haven't exactly sold me as perfect. The silver lining is that I will get to see him every month. The second bummer is that I am seem to be gaining weight at a very healthy pace. If it is not going to him, I guess I know where it is going! Harrumph!

I have my first growth scan next week. At 20 weeks he was in the 50th%. At 23 weeks he was in the 37th%. I pray at 30 weeks he is above the 10th%. I just want to go on record that this will be my biggest baby yet. I think we will break the 7 lb mark this time.

Congratulations Kerrie and Clayton!!

Clayton, we couldn't be happier to welcome you into our family! You fit right in and will be a wonderful addition. Kerrie, your tall, dark and handsome prince came riding up on his big white truck to rescue you from the basement! This is the stuff fairy tales are made of! We love you both so very much.

Thursday 13 ~ Things I Love About Max

1. That we have been together since we were 14.
2. They way he loves his girls.
3. That his motto in life is “Just to see you smile”.
4. His determination.
5. His drive to succeed.
6. That he is so tall I can wear 4 inch stilettos and still rest my head on his shoulders. (Don’t you all vacuum in those?)
7. That he doesn’t waste away in front of the TV.
8. That when he puts on a black cowboy hat he resembles my celebrity crush Tim McGraw.☺
9. He can fix most of our car problems and does many home improvements.
10. He is tech savvy, so he can fix the computer every time I crash it.
11. It is nice to have a Dr. in the house.
12. He loves God and it shows through him.
13. His love for family.

Happy Valentine's Day Babe, I love you!

Sick Little Ones

We have had one heck of a winter. It seems we have had only one solid week that everyone in the house was healthy. Most have been common colds with fevers and coughs. A little croup here and some 104 fevers there, a few ear infections and strange rashes, but nothing too alarming. It has just been constant.

Hailey started with croup this last weekend and has been feverish off and on. Next came Kaitlin with a vomiting bug on Tuesday. Toddlers are the worst with stomach bugs. There is no warning, just an explosion of puke in a matter of seconds. She can be up playing and then within a second pouring vomit. This delightful scene took place on the way home from picking Hailey up from school. She was sucking on her pacifier and started to make a strange noise. With dread, I looked back to see puke coming out the sides of her pacifier. She was not about to let her special treat (getting her pacifier that we are trying to break of her, but mom broke down since she was sick) out of her mouth. I pulled to the side of the road because she was choking on her vomit and bent her over the side of the car. Too late. puke was everywhere. It was on her, the car seat, the back of the passenger seat, the floor, and now me. What a fun adventure having kids is.

It only got better. As Kaitlin started to perk up last night, Karlie started her downward spiral. She ran 103 fever, has and ear infection, and a frightening cough. She has a history of being in the PICU for problems breathing, so we never take a respiratory illness lightly with her. Around 2 am she came in our room and was on fire. We started the Motrin, cold washcloth, and pushing fluids routine. About 30 minutes later she sat up in our bed and started pouring vomit. This marked the third time in 24 hours I have attempted to catch kid vomit with my bare hands. It is not like it works. It still pours out and goes all over everything, so why do I have this compulsion to stick my hands out and try to catch it? Showered Karlie, changed sheets, started the 5th load of puke laundry and tried to go to bed. It was now 4am. Guess who is crying? Kaitlin.

So you know how the rest of the morning went. I think you have had enough puke descriptions to last you a while. We did make it to the Dr. with only one additional vomit in the car. Yes, another car seat to take apart and wash. I just hope when Max puts it back together, its not like his other projects and has parts left over! The Dr. said she was worried of a brewing pneumonia in Karlie and that Colorado and Texas have been the sickest states in the nation this winter. I guess we are not the only ones suffering. I have never wanted spring to come so badly in my life.

409, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, and antibiotics don’t seem to be doing the trick. We would be very thankful for any prayers, especially for Karlie.

How the Cookie Crumbles

I remembered to take a picture after 3 families had already taken some of the cookies.

When we got home Saturday after picking up 129 cases of Girl Scout Cookies, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Yes, that is 1548 boxes of cookies, and 10,576 cookies sitting in MY living room! You should have smelled it. You could actually smell the sugar. My mouth was salivating. We quickly removed our portion (6 boxes) and began to devour them. We only have one unopened box left. I imagine it will be lucky if it remains that way throughout the day.
I quickly realized that this was not heaven, it was hell! Pure torture. We did not sample every variety, but oh how I longed to taste those we didn’t. We ordered one of the new flavors this year, the Lemon Chalet Creams. Well, I can tell you one box is certainly not going to be enough, especially since it is already gone. So as families came and picked up their portion over the weekend, I began to feel a little possessive about my cookies. They were leaving in droves. I now don’t have a single box of Trefoils to stare at or sniff. Thankfully, we still do have a few cases of the other 7 types left for me to glance at adoringly throughout the day. They call to me throughout the day. They have become part of my food guide pyramid and present at every meal and snack in between.

Somehow we are short on few types. They happen to be my favorites. I don’t remember getting up in the night and eating 5 boxes of Lemon Creams or 4 boxes of Tagalongs. But they are gone. Maybe the cookie monster? Maybe a math error? Maybe an amnesia episode brought on by the pure torture of filling a pregnant woman’s house with thousands of delicious cookies? Those are mysteries I am still working on. At least I have extras of the Samoas, the Thin Mints, and the All Abouts. I guess they will have to keep my stomach companion while I try to unravel the mystery of those missing. ☺

My Martha Stewart Mommy Moment

Now that I am not constantly trying to catch up on my sleep and feeling half dead, I have been looking for activities to keep the kids and myself busy during the day. I love all the cute party ideas that Pottery Barn Kids has for each holiday, but who can afford to throw that kind of money away? So I set out to make a Valentine's Day table fit for the very romantic dinner we will be having with the kids and to make a fun project for them. Some lessons I learned:
1. Glue guns and little kids don't mix.
2. Glue guns are not as easy as you think. There is an art to getting the glue to stop and not spread webs of sticky glue all over. When working with felt, this makes a particularly lovely design.
3. The glue dries quickly, so apply in small amounts.
4. The glue is hot! It does burn, so don't try to rub it off while hot. (Yes, I am blonde.)
5. Tissue paper flowers are the perfect craft for ages 2-6. They all could do it and it was a fun way to incorporate counting for Karlie. Even Kaitlin's turned out better than my attempt.
6. Tissue paper flowers are an excellent use for the left over paper you have in the gift bags you save.
7. Kids love doing a project with you but it is better to have all the stuff precut. I am learning about all this crafty mom stuff. :)
8. Ten bucks as Hobby Lobby goes a long way.
9. I can not cut a straight line to save my life.

I used 1/2 yard of felt in pink and red to make the placemats and the heart napkin and utensils holders. Two rolls of heart ribbon to glue on to the ruff edges, aka cover-up my attempt at cutting a straight line. I also tied bows to decorate the hearts and glued them on. I used 2 sheets of left over tissue paper for each color flower. Here is the link for tissue paper flowers that tells you step by step how to create these beauties. I think they had the most fun with the name cards. Give them some markers and stickers after you have precut them out and viola! Pretty place cards that they are proud to display.

Thursday 13 ~ Hailey

1. She has brown hair and hazel eyes.

2. She loves unicorns and horses. She can draw a better horse than most adults. (Her dad’s genes)

3. Her favorite color is pink.

4. She has lost 5 teeth and the 6th one is barely hanging on.

5. Her favorite foods are crab, shrimp, and artichokes.

6. She is the only one in the house that can carry a note.

7. She inherited Max and my dancing abilities, but we have yet to inform her that disappointing fact. So she thinks she can dance.

8. She is a bright kid.

9. She is eager to please and very loving.

10. She loves all things sweet. (Her mama’s genes)

11. She was only 5lbs at birth but now is one of the biggest kids in her class.

12. She still sleeps with her yellow blankie and Hailey Bear.

13. She loves words and comes up with rhymes and likes to write stories. Yesterday she informed me that she “illustrated this one too.

The Mystery of the Middle Finger

Our kids are sheltered. I admit it. They are only allowed to watch G rated movies and cartoons that are on PBS. They don't see violence or sex. Sometimes they have to cover their eyes for commercials like CSI that show half naked women and dead people. They don't watch the news. Hailey thinks High School Musical is just a picture on a folder and hasn't a clue who Hannah Montana is. Words that are considered "bad" and off limits in our house are taking the Lord's name in vain, stupid, and hate.

Last night as I was braiding Hailey's hair she had the hair ties on her middle finger and she said, "sorry mom, this finger is a bad word that I don't know." I asked her to tell me how she learned about this. She said she was telling two friends about how that finger had an abscess in it and the doctor had to slice it open and squeeze the puss out. Something like old war heros recounting their days in battle I am sure. She said the two friends then told her to stop showing them a bad word. She said she was sorry and put her finger away. She said to me, "I didn't know my middle finger was a bad word." I tried to explain that it can be used as a an angry gesture like sticking your tongue out or rolling your eyes. That seemed to help clear it up for her. Thankfully, she didn't ask me what the bad word was. I think it is time to go get some parenting books. I mean how do you tell a kid what that word means?? I am sure the sex talk is just around the corner.

I couldn't help but get sappy and emotional. Sure I can blame some of it on the pregnancy hormones, but watching your baby lose her innocence before your eyes is hard. Picture living in a world where you don't know a single cuss word or about all the evil things that take place on this earth. Slowly, bit by bit, her world is going to disappear and she will learn about just how much bad is out there. Their innocence doesn't last long, does it?

The Spreader of Love

Just in time for Valentine's Day I got my first blog award from Jessica at Never a Dull Moment. She is a nurse too with a great big heart. Thank you Jessica! And by the way, I am on the 4th kid, not 100th! LOL.

I want to pass this award onto my mom who has the biggest heart in the world. I think Wikipedia needs to put her picture in their definition of love. She is just getting her own blog going over at Daughters to Mothers.

The second person is who deserves this award is Abbie at Just As I Am. She has the best sense of humor and a heart the size of Texas. She is such a great blog buddie and I look forward to her funny posts and comments.

Daddy, Doctor, or Janitor?

Kids have a way of shedding light on life. Sometimes their innocent little hearts can bring you to your knees. We have been spoiled with Max's residency. It has been nothing like those awful 100-120 hour work weeks that you hear about on the news or that the OB residents I worked with have to endure. For the most part he worked 60 hours a week, only has to work one weekend out of every two months, and can take call from home. It has been very nice. However, since he got his contract, the department has been eager to get his career going and have been kind enough to start giving him responsibilities of his position that doesn't start until July now. Generous folks. As you can imagine, trying to do two jobs takes twice as much time. Max no longer makes it home for dinner and usually leaves at 6am, with it not being unheard of leaving at 4am. The girls have really started to feel the strain of daddy not being here to kiss them goodbye in the morning and not getting home until bedtime.

One night last week he made a break for it early and was home in time to enjoy a 6 o'clock dinner! Afterward the girls were all trying to squeeze in his lap and Karlie put her little hands on his cheeks to garner his full attention and said, "Daddy, are you a doctor or a Daddy?"

Max replied, "I am both. Do you like it that I am a doctor?"

Karlie shook her head yes and then laid it on his chest. Hailey said, "Well, I don't."

Max asked, "Well what would you like me to be?"

Hailey responded with a big grin on her face, "I want you to be the janitor at my school. That way I can see you everyday."

After a pause, Max weakly said, "Well we wouldn't make as much money."

Hailey replies with a twinkle in her eye as though she really thinks this might happen, "That is O.K. dad, because I would see you all the time in the halls."

After licking his wounds, Max is trying his hardest to fit in just a little more time of the day to wear his Daddy hat... The most important job he has.

26 Week Belly Pictures

We are growing bigger every day. I think he will be my biggest baby yet. I wish I could say that I have only gained a mere 2 pounds (his weight). But you can see from the pictures that mom is enjoying her free ticket to eat EVERYTHING!

*Your baby may weigh about two pounds now (average is 1.7 pound, 760gm) and is 14 inches (35.6cm) in length

*To support the fetus's growing body, the spine is getting stronger and more supple. Though no longer than the span of the average adult hand, it is now made up of 150 joints, 33 rings, and some 1,000 ligaments.

*Although they've been sealed shut for the last few months, your baby's eyes are opening and beginning to blink this week.

*Fetal brain scans show response to touch. If you shine a light on your abdomen, your baby will turn his head, which according to researchers, means his optic nerve is working.

Visit to learn more about Version 4.0 or your own baby's development.