Daddy, Doctor, or Janitor?

Kids have a way of shedding light on life. Sometimes their innocent little hearts can bring you to your knees. We have been spoiled with Max's residency. It has been nothing like those awful 100-120 hour work weeks that you hear about on the news or that the OB residents I worked with have to endure. For the most part he worked 60 hours a week, only has to work one weekend out of every two months, and can take call from home. It has been very nice. However, since he got his contract, the department has been eager to get his career going and have been kind enough to start giving him responsibilities of his position that doesn't start until July now. Generous folks. As you can imagine, trying to do two jobs takes twice as much time. Max no longer makes it home for dinner and usually leaves at 6am, with it not being unheard of leaving at 4am. The girls have really started to feel the strain of daddy not being here to kiss them goodbye in the morning and not getting home until bedtime.

One night last week he made a break for it early and was home in time to enjoy a 6 o'clock dinner! Afterward the girls were all trying to squeeze in his lap and Karlie put her little hands on his cheeks to garner his full attention and said, "Daddy, are you a doctor or a Daddy?"

Max replied, "I am both. Do you like it that I am a doctor?"

Karlie shook her head yes and then laid it on his chest. Hailey said, "Well, I don't."

Max asked, "Well what would you like me to be?"

Hailey responded with a big grin on her face, "I want you to be the janitor at my school. That way I can see you everyday."

After a pause, Max weakly said, "Well we wouldn't make as much money."

Hailey replies with a twinkle in her eye as though she really thinks this might happen, "That is O.K. dad, because I would see you all the time in the halls."

After licking his wounds, Max is trying his hardest to fit in just a little more time of the day to wear his Daddy hat... The most important job he has.


Jessica said...

That can definately be a tough job... Medical school is hard on families... Children have a way of telling us just how it is,don't they? It cna break your heart sometimes.... I am sure that in the end, she will realize why daddy is in school... It is important for him to balance, I think that is tough myself at times.

On a different note, check out my blog. I have something there for you! Hope all is well!

Janice said...

Oh my gosh, how sweet. I love the innocence of a child. That was a great post. Jessica also gave me the same surprise, so I thought I would just come check your little blog and family out. We live in Utah but just about 30 minuets from Colorado, I love the mountains. And one more thing, You are seriously the cutest little pregnant girl I have ever scene.

MondaythroughSunday said... husband works nights and it hurts that he just isn't quite awake much. We are moving in March to Florida to a job during the day. My kids are so excited! I was shocked as it meant a move. They will do anything to have Dad around.