I am in the midst of Girl Scout Cookie hell, my older sister is getting married on Saturday, my little sister just got engaged, my in-laws are coming on Friday, and I have about a million kid things to do (speech therapy, gymnastics, library, brownie meetings, homework, sew a costume, laundry, dishes, pick-up, cook, clean-even the bathrooms, change all the sheets, pick-up, volunteer projects, wedding shopping, laundry, did I mention pick-up?). Oh, and we are in the middle of redoing the nursery too. Sorry if I haven't been by to say hi or don't post. I might survive the weekend and be back to tell about it. In-laws, if you are reading this, my house really always looks the way you will see it on Friday. This is just an exaggeration for the blog's sake. Really. It is spotless.

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Steph said...

Here's to keeping your head just above water (where us Mommies usually hang out!). I'm sure you'll get everything done, lickety split! What theme did you end up with for the nursery? Show us!