Here We Go Again...

I had my check-up with my Dr. (the same Dr. I have seen for all 4 pregnancies) last week and it looks like we will get to play jump through high-risk hoops again. My first two pregnancies were high risk because I was given he diagnosis of Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR). This means for one of many reasons the baby is not growing at the rate it should. Once the baby measures in the less than 10th% you get this lovely IUGR stamped in your chart. With my first it was a frightening experience. I had to go on bed rest immediately at 32 weeks and the Dr. delivered me a month early for fear of a fetal demise. A surprising thing happened when Hailey was born. She was a pound bigger than they had projected and didn't even qualify as small for gestational age. We were so terrified for most of her pregnancy it seemed a miracle and we were more than pleased.

With the second pregnancy I was monitored from the beginning with monthly ultrasounds and at that magic 32 week mark, once again I fell below the 10th%, so it was bed rest again. This time however the placenta and blood flow to Karlie was adequate enough to allow me to go to 39 weeks. Once again a miracle happened and in the time frame of 30 minutes she went from a projected weight of 4 lbs and 15 oz by ultrasound to 6 lbs and 11 oz at birth. Hmmmm. Either the ultrasound machine or the infant scale is off caliber. This time I was a little perturbed and teased the doctor about his ultrasound skills. He said, "Well it looks like the bed rest worked." Right.

I was determined to have a normal pregnancy with my 3rd, Kaitlin. I negotiated to not be monitored by ultrasound unless my fundal height fell off the curve this time. My Dr. agreed to this request. I did after all have a well-grown baby in spite of the IUGR label that kept blaring at him every time I saw him. However, by the third trimester he felt I needed a few extra scans just to be sure. Kaitlin managed to stay in the 30th% and I was allowed to go into labor with her and achieved a VBAC after two cesareans (I had to be high risk somehow!). She weighed in at 6lbs and 13 0z.

Now onto baby #4. At my 28 week visit I measured 25 weeks by fundal height. This is a major bummer for two reasons. The first being that I now have to be monitored closely, which could lead to bed rest (yeah right with 3 kids) and possibly an early delivery. Of course I want what is best for him, but with my track record, it is hard for me to get worked up that there is a problem. I have a very long torso. Couldn't I just not fit on the curve? As for the ultrasound measurements, well they haven't exactly sold me as perfect. The silver lining is that I will get to see him every month. The second bummer is that I am seem to be gaining weight at a very healthy pace. If it is not going to him, I guess I know where it is going! Harrumph!

I have my first growth scan next week. At 20 weeks he was in the 50th%. At 23 weeks he was in the 37th%. I pray at 30 weeks he is above the 10th%. I just want to go on record that this will be my biggest baby yet. I think we will break the 7 lb mark this time.


Abbie said...

I'll be thinking/praying for you friend! I had no idea that you went through such stressful times with your other three!

I'm sure this little guy is healthy as ever! I won't wish a big old 9 pounder on you, but I will wish for a nice healthy chunky baby! :)

Steph said...

Wow, you've had your fair share! And I agree...bed rest with 3 little ones running around? Good luck! I'm sure your little man is doing just fine, and just preparing you for the unknown craziness known has being Mommy to a little boy! :) Of course, keep us posted!

Jessica said...

I am thinking of you!!!

Did they ever think that just MAYBE you are prone to having smaller babies? I know that sounds C-R-A-Z-Y coming from the medical nut over here but C'mon~

The stress they can cause you sometimes is crazy!

I will be thinking of you and sending you many good vibes!

MondaythroughSunday said...

Maybe you just have smaller little ones! I have big babies. All of my first four were in the 8lb 6oz range and my baby..number five was a whopping 9lb 10oz. I delivered them all without an epidural and very quickly..ranging from four hours to 12. So if I ever get pregnant out! Each time I had an awesome lady to help me out! Very thankful for that profession!