The Mystery of the Middle Finger

Our kids are sheltered. I admit it. They are only allowed to watch G rated movies and cartoons that are on PBS. They don't see violence or sex. Sometimes they have to cover their eyes for commercials like CSI that show half naked women and dead people. They don't watch the news. Hailey thinks High School Musical is just a picture on a folder and hasn't a clue who Hannah Montana is. Words that are considered "bad" and off limits in our house are taking the Lord's name in vain, stupid, and hate.

Last night as I was braiding Hailey's hair she had the hair ties on her middle finger and she said, "sorry mom, this finger is a bad word that I don't know." I asked her to tell me how she learned about this. She said she was telling two friends about how that finger had an abscess in it and the doctor had to slice it open and squeeze the puss out. Something like old war heros recounting their days in battle I am sure. She said the two friends then told her to stop showing them a bad word. She said she was sorry and put her finger away. She said to me, "I didn't know my middle finger was a bad word." I tried to explain that it can be used as a an angry gesture like sticking your tongue out or rolling your eyes. That seemed to help clear it up for her. Thankfully, she didn't ask me what the bad word was. I think it is time to go get some parenting books. I mean how do you tell a kid what that word means?? I am sure the sex talk is just around the corner.

I couldn't help but get sappy and emotional. Sure I can blame some of it on the pregnancy hormones, but watching your baby lose her innocence before your eyes is hard. Picture living in a world where you don't know a single cuss word or about all the evil things that take place on this earth. Slowly, bit by bit, her world is going to disappear and she will learn about just how much bad is out there. Their innocence doesn't last long, does it?


MondaythroughSunday said... does not, at least she has wonderful parents who will guide her and even though she will soon find the world to be horrible in certain ways she will find safety and peace and love as well.

Abbie said...

Katie-I was JUST thinking about this exact thing (well, similar) a few days ago...
I was thinking how absolutely freeing it must be to be Olivias age, so innocent and unknowing of the horrible, sinful things in our world. I love the fact that she can fly off the end of the couch without a second thought, just knowing for sure that her daddy will catch her. With her, there is no question.
Wouldn't it be beautiful to be able to fully shelter them from those things forever? I suppose there wouldn't be opportunity for witnessing to their little friends in those cases though, huh? :)

Jessica said...

You are just doing your job as a parent. It just stinks when they start to learn stuff that you tried to protect them from.... The Birds and the bee talk??? Ugh!