Sick Little Ones

We have had one heck of a winter. It seems we have had only one solid week that everyone in the house was healthy. Most have been common colds with fevers and coughs. A little croup here and some 104 fevers there, a few ear infections and strange rashes, but nothing too alarming. It has just been constant.

Hailey started with croup this last weekend and has been feverish off and on. Next came Kaitlin with a vomiting bug on Tuesday. Toddlers are the worst with stomach bugs. There is no warning, just an explosion of puke in a matter of seconds. She can be up playing and then within a second pouring vomit. This delightful scene took place on the way home from picking Hailey up from school. She was sucking on her pacifier and started to make a strange noise. With dread, I looked back to see puke coming out the sides of her pacifier. She was not about to let her special treat (getting her pacifier that we are trying to break of her, but mom broke down since she was sick) out of her mouth. I pulled to the side of the road because she was choking on her vomit and bent her over the side of the car. Too late. puke was everywhere. It was on her, the car seat, the back of the passenger seat, the floor, and now me. What a fun adventure having kids is.

It only got better. As Kaitlin started to perk up last night, Karlie started her downward spiral. She ran 103 fever, has and ear infection, and a frightening cough. She has a history of being in the PICU for problems breathing, so we never take a respiratory illness lightly with her. Around 2 am she came in our room and was on fire. We started the Motrin, cold washcloth, and pushing fluids routine. About 30 minutes later she sat up in our bed and started pouring vomit. This marked the third time in 24 hours I have attempted to catch kid vomit with my bare hands. It is not like it works. It still pours out and goes all over everything, so why do I have this compulsion to stick my hands out and try to catch it? Showered Karlie, changed sheets, started the 5th load of puke laundry and tried to go to bed. It was now 4am. Guess who is crying? Kaitlin.

So you know how the rest of the morning went. I think you have had enough puke descriptions to last you a while. We did make it to the Dr. with only one additional vomit in the car. Yes, another car seat to take apart and wash. I just hope when Max puts it back together, its not like his other projects and has parts left over! The Dr. said she was worried of a brewing pneumonia in Karlie and that Colorado and Texas have been the sickest states in the nation this winter. I guess we are not the only ones suffering. I have never wanted spring to come so badly in my life.

409, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, and antibiotics don’t seem to be doing the trick. We would be very thankful for any prayers, especially for Karlie.


Devin said...

Oh, honey! I am so sorry. Are you still hanging in there? You certainly don't need this bug right now. Take care of yourself. We have resorted to towels on the carpet and in the car before...just in case.


Abbie said...

OH Katie. I'm so so sorry you and your precious girls have to be dealing with this :(

I SO know what you mean about the breathing scares: we have been overnight in the childrens hospital with Liv too...she has terrible asthma. Those sickies can make for scary times, I'm so sorry.

I'll be praying for you guys.

Side Note: John and I were JUST talking the other day about the fact that we cannot figure out WHY our first instinct when Liv is throwing up is to cup our hands and try and catch it!? eww! hahah Oh the things we do as parents!

Love you and sending hugs your way!

MondaythroughSunday said...

I will be praying for you!! Goodness!! No fun!

Splaneyo said...

I hope they are feeling better! We have had a heck of a time here too. Owen's teacher was just commenting on the sickness in our house this year. Laney is sick again with a wet cough - no vomiting yet (knock on wood). That usually comes in the spring here in MI. Two things you can count on this winter when Sam is out of town: snow and sickness.

Did everyone get the flu shot this year? Just curious - I'm not sure if they help or not.

I'll be thinking of you.

Jessica said...

UGH! Not again! Im so sorry! Much love to you and yours on valentines day!

Steph said...

Oh, sweet pics of the little angels.

I must be the Bad takes everything I have not to run the other way when the kids puke. I DEFINITELY do NOT try to catch it. But then again, I am the person who will do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING to keep myself from throwing up!

At any rate, you guys are in my thoughts &'s hoping you are all feeling better soon!

Happy V-Day! :)