Thursday 13 ~ Things I Love About Max

1. That we have been together since we were 14.
2. They way he loves his girls.
3. That his motto in life is “Just to see you smile”.
4. His determination.
5. His drive to succeed.
6. That he is so tall I can wear 4 inch stilettos and still rest my head on his shoulders. (Don’t you all vacuum in those?)
7. That he doesn’t waste away in front of the TV.
8. That when he puts on a black cowboy hat he resembles my celebrity crush Tim McGraw.☺
9. He can fix most of our car problems and does many home improvements.
10. He is tech savvy, so he can fix the computer every time I crash it.
11. It is nice to have a Dr. in the house.
12. He loves God and it shows through him.
13. His love for family.

Happy Valentine's Day Babe, I love you!


MondaythroughSunday said...

Beautiful! I hope he reads is a perfect Valentine!! Happy Valentine's Day!

Abbie said...

Aren't we two of the luckiest gals in the world?? It's fun to read through your valentine post and see how many similarities there are between you and Max and John and I. So cool! :)

Happy Valentines Day friend!

Jessica said...

Cute post, especially for your sweetie on V-day! Hope all is well!