Thursday 13- To Do List

1. Vacuum the entire house, even the dreaded stairs.
2. Mop.
3. Wash the windows. The in-laws might like to be able to see outside while they are here.
4. Kaitlin's Speech Therapy
5. Karlie's gymnastics class.
6. Get my hair done!
7. Laundry. What's new.
8. Two beds changed, 3 to go.
9. Get the guest room ready. It currently is Max's closet with clothes all over the bed and floor.
10. Clean the stove and microwave. It is practically spotless all the time anyway, so should only take a few hours.
11. Get grocceries for the weekend. The fridge is near bare.
12. Try to fit in a shower. I am going to be stinky if I get all this done today.
13. Iron clothes for the wedding. You all know I only iron in crisis situations. This is one of them.

Note to In-laws: I do this stuff every Thursday. Really, especially cleaning the windows and mopping.


Steph said...

Too funny Katie...I was going to do my 1st Thursday 13 today with a list of the *same exact* things! Things to do on my day off from work.
If you have extra time, you are more than welcome to come over to my place and keep the cleaning momentum going!

MondaythroughSunday said...

Whew! Take it easy..take one task at a time and it always works out ...right! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Abbie said...

Just checking in to make sure you are surviving! :) Have a lovely weekend my pregnant buddy!

Jessica said...

That sounds like a busy Thursday!

Jessica said...

Hope you had fun at the wedding! Hey, scroll down on my blog a bit, there is a post just for you!!!!