Day Out with Dad and Day at the Zoo

Tuesday's big adventure was a trip to my Dr.'s office for a check-up and then a field trip to see daddy's new office and have lunch out with him. As we waited patiently for over half an hour for the Dr., I asked the kids if this wasn't as much fun as waiting in line at Disneyland to ride a roller coaster. Hailey had one of the best eye rolls I have seen. She will be a champion teenager in no time! My Dr. has seen me for all 4 pregnancies and he was shocked at how big Hailey was. They did think it was neat to hear the baby's heartbeat and enjoyed seeing Max. Lunch at Subway was the highlight of the day. Hailey remarked that, "it was the best sandwich" she ever had. I guess that mayo and turkey subway is really something.

Today we took a trip to the Denver Zoo. It was near 70 degrees today and was just lovely at the zoo. We saw all our favorites and took a ride on the train and the conservation carousel. Kaitlin had a 2 year-old style meltdown when she had to get off the carousel but quickly forgot about it as we shared a frosty. Kerrie and RJ joined us for the fun. It was a great day, but probably not as great as a day at Disney or on the beach. I suppose there will be other spring breaks for that.


Abbie said...

HOW FUN! Yes, we did end up going to the aquarium, but I have to say, the zoo is SO much better!
Oh, and PLEASE tell me these 2 year old tantrums get better, please??

MondaythroughSunday said...

Fun! I love that zoo!

I have given you an award..come pick it up!!