Dr. Mad Max's B-day Menu

I don't think Max's 31st birthday will go down in history as one of the best, but we had a pretty nice evening. The food was especially good and I out did myself eating. Big surprise. I ate so much that I couldn't sleep. Hmm. I think that might fall in the realms of gluttony, but we will just pretend its for the baby's sake!

Max has been leaving very early in the mornings, so I woke everyone up at 5:30 to share his first request of the day, fried eggs and toast. He was on his own for lunch. But dinner, now that's where it started to get good. We had his family's traditional homemade Mexican tacos. Deep fried corn tortillas, homemade salsa, beans, meat, avocados, cheese and lettuce. Max put away 6 tacos! Even though we didn't have room for desert, we still managed to eat almost half of his blackberry pie. If there is one thing our family knows how to do, it is EAT!

Then we opened presents. The girls were excited as though it were their presents. Each one brought him one to open and they gather around in eager anticipation to see what he would get. They were the most excited when he opened theirs, Jelly Belly's. Luckily Max is a generous guy and was willing to share.

Karlie ended up playing Captain Hook with the left over packing supplies. A fun night for a Monday!


MondaythroughSunday said...

I want that recipe!! My husband always has a Mexican feast for his birthday. Last year I made some homemade Chicken enchiladas.

Looks like a WONDERFUL day!

Abbie said...

Holy Tacos!! WHEW! Those looks SO good!! And can you say Martha Stewart?? Way to go on the '31' pie! yowza!

Toia said...

Looks like you had a fun-filled day!

Steph said...

MMMM...I need that recipe for your tacos. Since you're a Denverite, have you ever been to Benny's downtown? They have the ABSOLUTE best grilled chicken tacos...they look like yours!!!

MKHKK said...

Never been to Benny's but I have heard it's good.

The recipe is easy. Fry up some ground beef with thinly sliced onion and a clove or two of pressed garlic. Add salt and cumin to taste.
Deep fry corn tortillas into taco shapes. Have your favorite mexican cheese or cheddar, salsa, beans and lettuce and you are set to pig out!