Easter Day

We had a nice and low key Easter this year. The snow had a way of doing that. That old Easter Bunny is pretty clever. He sent my mom and e-mail that he hid the eggs at her house since it snowed and he was running behind. He had time to drop off some Easter baskets at our house but not hide the eggs. I wonder how much longer Hailey will joyfully accept these tactics??

We had salmon and bagels for breakfast then headed out to church. We spent the afternoon "nesting" for the new addition that will be arriving. We bucked all traditions for Easter dinner and had bratwurst, au gratin potatoes, broccoli and home made strawberry shortcake. Momma had a craving, what can I say?

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MondaythroughSunday said...

Fun stuff! We had a beautiful summer day and hid eggs all over our front yard. Happy Easter!!!