Final Day of Spring Break!

Can you feel my excitement? With all the doctor's, dental appointments, and trying to come up with a fun packed adventure for each day, I am ready for school to start again.

Yesterday Karlie had her 4 year check-up. She is perfectly proportional and in the 50th% for both height and weight. She passed her hearing and vision and all the drills the Dr. put her through. She once again proved she is my tough little lady and didn't cry until the nurse battered her with the third and final shot. She is such a trooper. We always make their check-up day a special day to recognize how big they are getting. So my sister watched the other two while Karlie and I had the morning together at the doctor's and then went out to eat at her favorite restaurant for lunch. I was so happy it wasn't McDonalds but a family owned Mexican restaurant. We enjoyed a nice lunch and split a sopapilla. What a treat to eat out with just one kid. It was actually enjoyable.

Today was dental check-up time. Neither of the girls had a cavity! Whoo-hoo! We went up on our brushing score from a D to C with Hailey and from a C to a B with Karlie. Those pediatric dentist are hard graders I tell ya. This afternoon is swimming. The kids are like fish in the water and love to swim. The only problem is me. I can tell you I am relating more to my friends the whales these days and the idea of parading around in a bathing suit in public isn't that appealing. The other challenge is that it will be 3 on one. Guess we will sink or swim.


Monday through Sunday said...

Sounds like you had a busy and fun week! I enjoyed all your posts about it!

Abbie said...

HAHAHA I have been debating whether or not I want to put Liv into swimming lessons this summer. MOMMY and me swim lessons. But then I remembered I would have to get into a swim suit. In all my pregnant glory. *sigh*
Have fun! :)