Karlie's Birthday Menu

As many of you know, our birthday tradition is to let the birthday person decide the menu of the day. This can be fun and interesting when you let a 4 year old chose! For breakfast we had green pancakes and eggs. Karlie wanted hers in the shape of a clover leaf. Lunch was a little odd. It consisted of string cheese, salami, drinkable yogurt, juice and candy. Hey, it was her day. We made corned beef and cabbage with parsley red potatoes. Karlie requested a side of green mac-n-cheese (green food coloring isn't as bad for you as red, right??). She ate a ton of the corned beef but wasn't too wild about the cabbage. I am sure as each year passes it will grow on her. Dessert was chocolate homemade cake with cream cheese frosting. This was the second cake in two days. For the first time ever, we ate the entire cake at her birthday party. Max made the both cakes this year!

The Cakes

The birthday party cake.
Her actual birthdDAY cake.

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Lacey Morgan said...

Go Max on the cakes!! I am impressed!!