Spring Break!!

Today is the official start of Hailey's spring break. We are going to try and do as many fun things here in Denver as we can since we won't be taking any trips to sunny places or theme parks. Today's "field trip" was to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. There is so much to do and see that it is impossible to fit in all in on one trip, but we did pack as much as we could. The kids' favorite exhibits are the Discovery Zone and the wildlife dioramas. They are amazing. I think I like them more than the zoo because you can get so close and don't feel bad for them trapped in little enclosures. Each diorama has information about the animals displayed, some down to their type of poop! It is very interactive with all sorts of buttons to make the calls of the animals, fur to feel, boxes to peek in to see underground and much more.

The Discovery Zone is a kid wonderland. They have a giant bubble station, human body learning, magnetics, blocks, archeology, music and story time, microscopes, fish, puzzles, and numerous hands on demos. You could just go there for the day.

One of the other exhibits we visited was the Space Station. It has a Mars sand zone where the kids can get all sandy and wet while they discover how rivers and dams work. They also have an outer space play zone where they can put on astronaut suits and try to maneuver moon rocks with robots. They learned about light wave lengths and that certain gases give of different spectrums of light. I am sure they retained 100% of what the volunteer told them on this subject while they looked through their 3D glasses at the different gases. :)

Our final stop was in the Minerals and Gems caves. It was getting pretty crowded with school groups at this point, so we made it a quick tour.
It is a wonderful place to visit with kids should you ever visit Denver or have guest in town with kids.


MondaythroughSunday said...

I love that place!! Looks like you had a wonderful outing!!

Abbie said...

How fun!! I think we will head to the aquarium on Monday! Just as much fun for me as it is for Liv most of the time! hahah :)
I hope you guys have a happy happy Easter!