Then and Now

Max's grandma sent this picture of Max and I at our first Homecoming together. We were 14! A little has changed between now and then.

1. Then we used have so much time on our hands over the weekend we had to "find something to do." This usually consisted of football games, Denny's with our friends, 4-wheeling in the Bronco, or cruising around town. Now we can't wait for that magical 8 o'clock bedtime hour when we can fall into bed after an exhausting day of doing too much.
2. Then when we danced, I could rest my head on his shoulder. Now we found my belly to be a bit cumbersome. We couldn't get close and his belt and phone kept hitting me making it an unpleasant slow dance.
3. We as a couple are about 50 pounds heavier now ( I won't tell who has gained what:).
4. A late night then was 2 a.m. Now a late night is 10 p.m.
5. Then we couldn't drive.
6. Then we couldn't drink.
7. Then Max had bleached hair with a tail. Now he has a goatee.
8. Then I was a natural blonde. Now I am hair salon blonde.
9. Then we were kids. Now we have 3.5 kids.
10. A lot has changed in 17 years, but one thing remains, I am still as crazy about him now as I was then.


Devin said...

Oh, I love it!! What sweet, sweet faces. And look at that cute little belly!

Anonymous said...

but you are both still beautiful

Lacey Morgan said...

Oh Katie, that is so sweet. I love the picture from when you guys were fourteen and love what you wrote. So sweet. Love it, love it, love it!!

:..Rebekah..: said...

Hello! I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog. I love blogging because it's so fun to "meet" new people. This is such a sweet post, and how wonderful that you are still so crazy about each other!

Steph said...

That is awesome, Katie! Yes, time changes everything, doesn't it? (well, almost)

Abbie said...

Katie!! That is SO cool!

I just couldn't help but giggle reading through your post-that is just SO John and I!

You guys are so beautiful together!

MondaythroughSunday said...

How cool is that!!!