Thursday 13 ~ 33 weeks

Yesterday I had another growth ultrasound so I have some facts about version 4.0 and me to share.

1. He is now in the 26th%!!
2. That means I don’t have to do bed rest or anymore ultrasounds! Who-hoo!
3. He is 3lbs 15 oz. (so where did the other 20 pounds come from? ☺)
4. He is still very breech.
5. His heart rate was 165
6. In 4 weeks if he is still breech they will try to manually vert him. OUCH. Been there done that with my first and not looking forward to it.
7. I have a bunch of non-invasive things I will try to get him to flip. Should be a good laugh at the very least.
8. The honeymoon phase is over. I am getting uncomfortable and my feet seem to get further and further away each day.
9. We got to watch him blink his eyes.
10. He has chubby cheeks.
11. He is still a he.
12. I am getting really excited to meet this little man.
13. I am getting really scared that I could have a newborn in the house in 6 weeks!


Lacey Morgan said...

YEAH!!! I am so glad that you don't have to stress about beddrest or anymore growth u/s. So glad everything looked great! I can't wait to see him a few short weeks! WAHOOEY!!

Abbie said...

Katie girl!! How absolutely SO cute are you?? You are ALL belly, not a hint of weight gained anywhere else!
Don't worry, I'm gaining all the weight for the both of us :)

Abbie said...

OH! And I'm SO happy to hear about the baby growing perfectly-Hooray!!

MondaythroughSunday said...

You look amazing!! How exciting ~ I am so excited for you!!

Devin said...

Katie! You look FABULOUS!! Hooray for healthy, growing baby boys!!!