Thursday 13 ~ Things I Did Yesterday That Made Me Feel Like a Mom

1. Drive Hailey to a school a half an hour away so that she can go to a good school.
2. Sew a Revolutionary War costume for Hailey’s school presentation.
3. Sew and iron patches onto Hailey’s Brownie vest.
4. Mend clothes.
5. Take Karlie to the library for preschool reading.
6. Grow a baby.
7. Help out at the Brownie’s meeting.
8. Pack lunches.
9. Do a few loads of laundry (still not folded).
10. Make dinner.
11. Homework with Hailey.
12. Bathe the kids.
13. The nightly bedtime routine of P.J.s, brushing teeth, story time, get drinks of water, tissue, one more kiss and on and on....


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,
I love your blog I check it out all the time. I feel like I am living close by instead of all teh way in Cali. You have such a beautiful family and I love watching you all grow together. Have a great week and take care of those beautiful babies of yours.

Stephanie- The Hummingbird Crew

Abbie said...

I'm SO glad to know that you did many loads of laundry but have not yet folded/sorted them. That is the story of my life I tell ya! :)
Hope you are feeling well Katie girl!