Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

Breech Photo
Version 4.0 is still breech. For those of you that are not hip to baby lingo, that means he is the wrong way. To be born safely he needs to be head down and he has his head nicely planted in my upper right side, right under my ribs. He has been this way since 24 weeks. Only 9% of babies at this point are still breech and by 40 weeks only 3-4% are.

My first baby, Hailey, was also breech. The doctors attempted to do an external version to turn her. This is a very painful procedure where one doctor grabs the bottom and one doctor grabs the baby’s head and they push as hard as you can handle to try and manually turn the baby. Hailey wouldn’t budge. She sat in the exact same spot this little guy is. I am guessing he won’t budge either. I have two weeks until they attempt to turn him. In the mean time I have been doing every “natural”, non-invasive, old wives tale technique out there. I really don’t want to go through the version again as it left bruises last time. But more than anything I want a chance to have a vaginal delivery.

I have been trying these alternative methods for two weeks and he remains breech, butt☺ at least you will get a good laugh. The first and the most clinically proven method is Moxibustion. This is practiced in China and Italy and some small studies have shown it to have an 80% success rate. Many of my high-risk doctors recommended it. You use a moxa stick and hold the burning moxa stick against the outer side of your pinkie toenail. This is the acupressure point for the uterus. It is suppose to relax the uterus to give the baby more room to move and increase fetal movements. The first few times we did it, I did notice a strange sensation and the baby started moving a lot, but not enough. ☹ Subsequent times only had the effect of nauseating Max and making us smell like marijuana. I can only imagine what our neighbors think. Just picture your pregnant neighbor outside in the freezing cold with her husband holding smoking sticks to her feet, and the strong smell of marijuana lofting from them. My Italian doctor said to take a few days off of the Moxibustion to increase sensitivity and try again. So we will give it another go this weekend. I wish is smelled like lavender or something pleasant.

In the meantime I have been trying out my ironing board. This is the most action my ironing board has seen. It is rather sturdy, although not very comfortable. Twice a day I assume this upside down angled position in hopes of getting his rump out of my pelvis so that he will decide to turn. So far all I have gained out of it is a headache and feeling very short of breath by the end of my self imposed twenty-minute torture session. I have also put the earphones at the “right” end of my tummy and shinned a flashlight there too. Supposedly the baby will move toward the sound and light. Yeah right! I am desperate. Really.

The other tactic I have tried is applying a cold pack to his head. I can only take it so long. If I keep up with this, I might get a spot of frostbite on my belly, but doubtfully will get him to turn.

The last hope I have is the pool. No, I am not going to drown myself. I tried this with Hailey. I am sure the people at the public pool thought my dad was trying to drown me. The goal is to do a headstand in the water as many times or for as long as you can stand it. That is right. Get in a bathing suit, waddle into the water, dive down and have someone hold you legs up in the air for as long as you can hold your breath. This should be fun. Not taking pictures of this one!

The main thing I am doing is praying. I am not praying for God to turn him, although I feel it will take divine intervention. I am praying for God to reconcile my heart. He must be breech for a reason. I have come up with more than a few: that cyst needs to be looked at, his umbilical cord is short, the placenta is bad, the cord is around his neck, God has pity on Max who would be getting a Vasectomy if I don’t get my tubes tied, he really is a 10lb baby and would damage me so that I would have to start wearing depends now instead of in a few years, or he wants to preserve his pretty face because everyone knows C-section babies are always prettier since they don’t have to get all smashed. Anyway. I am praying that God will make me ok with the birth that this little guy needs. Your payers are welcomed too!


Abbie said...

Katie-that ironing board picture is the cutest darn thing I have ever seen! Oh how funny. I'm so proud of you for thinking outside the box as far as why he may be breech. I'll totally be praying for you. :)

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Steph said...

Oh Katie, that is hilarious! I love the pics! I have been thinking recently how much I miss being pregnant...and seeing your pics made me laugh out loud! :)

Monday through Sunday said...

LOL ~ you are too cute! I am praying for you!

Splaneyo said...

Oh my gosh - I will keep my fingers crossed that he is an easy going little guy and will turn for his mom.