Hearts of Gold

This morning Max and I took the three little ones to the park at the end of our street. I over estimated my recovery and about half way there started looking like a 90 year old woman, hunched over moving at a snails pace. Karlie hung back with me while Max cruised ahead with Kaitlin and Hank in the stroller. As we held hands and I gingerly walked to the park, Karlie found a dozen dandelions along our path. She picked one and made a wish. She picked another and made another wish. She then looked up and me and asked me if I knew what she wished for. I said, "no, what?" She said, "I wished for baby boy to get all better." I asked her what her second wish was. She replied, " for baby boy to get better." She continued to blow the dandelions and make this same wish at least 10 more times. Each time she closed her eyes and whispered those words. Little heart of gold.There have been so many hearts of gold that we treasure. One of the most humbling things through all of Hank's troubles has been hearing about all the people praying for us. Most of these people we will never get a chance to meet or thank. There have been bible study groups praying, children praying, friends of friends praying, family members close and afar, and our church praying. The outpouring of love and support has made our heart swell with gratitude. There are too many to thank individually, but I wanted to write about one little girl. My sister told me her best friend's daughter had written "Baby Hank" on her forearm. When the mother noticed it, she asked her daughter about it. The little girl replied that she had a habit of rubbing her arm and she thought if she wrote baby Hank on it then she would remember to pray for him every time she rubbed her arm. This sweet little girl prayed for our son all throughout the day. Brings me to tears to think about that child like faith. Little heart of gold.

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