Kaitlin's Big Girl Bed

I had one heck of a time trying to create a room for Kaitlin that was girly enough and a nursery for Version 4.0 that was boy enough. Since this is our first (and only little boy) I wanted to use blue instead of yellows and greens. The problem was finding girl bedding in blue. I became an internet shopping addict and came up with many wild hairs on how I could make it work. I would hem and haw for a while and then find something new.

One day I cam across the Flyaway bedding by Glenna Jean. It is so sweet with little ladybugs and dragonflies. The best part was that it had just the right blue in it to match his crib set that I really wanted to get. I was ecstatic! That is until I scrolled down to see the price and that it only came in crib size. We had purchased Kaitlin a big girl bed and a crib set wasn't going to work, nor was the $250.00 price.

But I am determined and as hard headed as they come. I searched ebay and won the entire crib set for $25.00! I am sure you are wondering why I would buy a crib set when I just said that wouldn't work. Well, I had another one of those wild hairs. I would use the fabric to create the right size quilt. Max asked me if we couldn't just buy something already made for a toddler bed. He knows how insane I can get and though he would never say it, things don't usually turn out like they have played out in my head. But there was no stopping me, I had won the auction!

BEFOREHere is the crib set I won. It had a nice crib skirt, very small quilt, bumper pad, small pillow and the mobile.

AFTER I pulled the gingham border off the bed skirt and cut the fabric in to squares. I bought some chenille fabric to use for alternating squares. After assembling the squares I sewed on the gingham border, backed it with more chenille, and stuffed it with batting. I took apart the bumper to get more fabric to make a pillow. I used the fluff inside to make our dog Daisy a new bed too. Using the remaining chenille and fabric I made the matching pillow case. For once, something turned out the way I envisioned it to!
Her birthday present from us was a big girl bed and a new bed set. Isn't it great you can get by with utilitarian gifts when they are young? At two we have given each of the girls a new, regular pillow to sleep with. Kaitlin is still very fond of the crib, so the only thing she is using right now is the pillow. Ok, maybe not exactly the vision I had created in my mind of her snuggling down in her sweet little set and telling me that she loves it.Ah, but close enough. :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Looks great. At one tenth the price!

Splaneyo said...


I am really impressed! I have visions of things too and if it involves even one single stitch it is pretty much a guarantee that it won't come out. I do not/can not sew. Yours looks great!

We (ha, I) am going though the same thing with Laney and the new baby. Since we didn't know Owen was going to be a boy we went gender neutral with green, blue and animals. The only problem is Laney is in love with everything pink. This little guy just may have to be in touch with his feminine side. =)


Abbie said...

What a crazy good job you did my friend!! Holy cow!!
She looks so cute and like she feels like such a big girl in that bed! How exciting!

Steph said...

That is awesome Katie! I wish I knew how to sew (not that I have time anyway...). We're thinking of trying Logan in a big boy bed soon (brave, huh...at 18 mos?). Do you have bedding for the little guy yet?

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