Kaitlin's Birthday

Kaitlin is not quite old enough to dictate a menu for the day as we traditionally do for the birthday person, but I did let her tell me what she wanted at each meal. The one constant was "Ju" or juice. Normally she is only allowed one glass of juice a day. She can pick when she wants to drink it, but when it is gone, that is it. For her birthday she got to drink unlimited "ju." She had cranberry ju with her breakfast that consisted of two rounds of cold cereal and then a fried egg and bagel a little later in the morning.
Now lunch was something only a 2 year old would eat. She wanted a peanut butter and jelly with chips. She then put the chips inside her sandwich and munched away. She also ate two tangerines and a string cheese. She enjoyed another glass of ju too.
Since dinner was at the mall, she picked the kid classic, McDonald's happy meal. Glad I didn't have to eat her menu!
Hailey's Brownie Troop went to Build-a-Bear to celebrate their successful cookie sales. Kaitlin got to pick out her first bear for her birthday. Here she is putting in the bear's heart.
Karlie is an old pro at Build-a-Bear, so she gave the rookie a hand at fluffing and washing the bear who's name is "Two."

Kaitlin was so excited as we sang Happy Birthday to her she could hardly sit down.
She got the candles blown out after 2 tries.
After cake and ju, it was time for presents. This was one of her favorites. Both Hailey and Karlie have their own name trains and Kaitlin always wants to play with theirs. She was thrilled to have her very own. It also happens to fit on the Thomas the train tracks. Bonus!
Her birthday party is on Saturday at Chuck E Cheese. I can't wait( did you catch the sarcasm in my voice?). Maybe I will go into labor. HAHA!


Lacey Morgan said...

She is so cute. Does she often put chips in her pb&j? Gavin made potato chip cookies the other day so I guess maybe it's a kid thing. Glad she had a good birthday!! I love reading their birthday menu.I so need to start that tradition.

Steph said...

I just love her little pig tails (or piggies as we call them in our house!). Too cute!!!

Monday through Sunday said...

So sweet! I love birthdays..!!