Sweet Taste of Spring

My favorite thing to do in the kitchen is bake! I love making deserts, probably because I enjoy eating them so much. This is my best friend's mom's recipe for strawberry pie and it is sin in a pie pan. It is so sweet and fresh tasting. I am sure the pound of homemade whip cream helped a little, but it truly is wonderful. I recommend it with the warning that it may cause gluttony.

Mrs. D's Famous Strawberry Pie

4 c. fresh strawberries (quartered)
1 baked pie shell crust
1 c. sugar
3 T. cornstarch
3 T. strawberry jello
1 c. cold water

Mix sugar and cornstarch. Add cold water. Heat over med heat until thickened. Add jello and mix. Add strawberries. Pour into baked pie crust (which should be cool) and refrigerate. Top with whipped cream.


Monday through Sunday said...

Looks Awesome!!

Steph said...

Yummy! I bought the best strawberries at KS the other day...yes, a great sign of spring!

Abbie said...

Oh crap, Katie. I think I have just died and gone to heaven just simply by looking at that picture...
They serve strawberry pie in heaven, right?? :)

Lacey Morgan said...

Yours turned out much prettier than mine. (Of course it did, right?) I posted the recipe on my blog also that same day. This pie is TO DIE FOR!!

Splaneyo said...

That looks fantastic!

Devin said...

I will so be trying this. Thank you!