Thursday 13 ~ Kaitlin

1. Kaitlin has the most loving personality. She will gladly climb in almost anyone’s lap who is willing to hold her and is eager to give hugs and kisses.
2. She is a woman of few words but has no problem communicating. Her eyes are very expressive.
3. She is a giant. Only a few pounds separate her and Karlie.
4. She can put her socks and shoes on by herself and dress herself most of the time.
5. She has strong opinions about what she wants to wear. Dresses are a favorite.
6. She loves shoes and babies of all kinds: real and dolls.
7. Every morning she gets in bed with me to snuggle for 15 minutes before we start our day. She likes to press her cheek against mine and nuzzle her little nose against me.
8. She thinks juice should be in the food guide pyramid.
9. Her favorite foods are raisins, oranges, yogurt, cereal (Fruit Loops-what a bad mom!), candy (can you tell she is a third born), eggs, olives, and homemade Mac-n-cheese.
10. Every night when Max gets home they share a couple green olives. After she greets him, she runs to the refrigerator to grab the jar of olives.
11. She has her GrammaNette’s eyes.
12. She is very compassionate and gets concerned when anyone is hurt, sad, crying, in trouble, or yells.
13. She has us completely wrapped around her chubby little pinkie.


Steph said...

And who could resist being wrapped around that pinkie?! What a cutie! Her new little baby brother will wallow in her lovies!

Abbie said...

She is positively precious!!

on a side note: sorry, but didn't know where else to communicate this today:
Do you know what an absolute blessing you are to me?? :) Holy cow, I get your comment on my blog today and I'm thinking 'wow. Just wow.' Thanks for the sweet words and of course the prayers. :) You are just so precious to me! Isn't that funny how that can happen, and I've never even seen your face in real life! haha :) Thanks for being you katie girl!

:..Rebekah..: said...

That's such a sweet picture of you both together. I'm still amazed at the different personalities that each of my kids have. I'm thoroughly enjoying watching them grow and develope into who they are. Kaitlin sounds like a little sweetie!

Monday through Sunday said...

How precious! I love these 13's. They are beautiful little tributes.