Tying Up Loose Ends

Nine months may seem like a long enough time to do everything you could imagine to prepare for a new baby, but somehow, time after time I am still frantically trying to finish all my "to-do-lists" in the very last days before they arrive. This time is no different. I just finished his baby blanket. When my water broke with Kaitlin I told Max we couldn't leave until I finished her blanket. Like I said, working on stuff until the last minute! I am happy that at least this time I finished the blanket before he arrived.

With Kaitlin's I did a smaller patchwork style knit in strips and sewed them together. This time I wanted a more rugby look to the blanket (and less sewing). I consider my self a beginner at best. In fact, I can't figure out patterns so I made this up myself. It is really easy. For the first and third strip you cast on 75 stitches an alternate a knit row and then a pearl row. Switch to the 2nd color and do the same for 15 rows. Back to the main color for 15 rows. Repeat until you have the desired amount of stripes and then start with the main color for 75 more rows. The center is just the opposite. Sew the three strips together and crochet a border. It was really fun for me to knit with blue. I have used lots of pinks and purples in the past. Often I would just grin as I knitted. I am trying to work in a matching hat. Guess we will see if he cooks long enough for me to get it done.


Abbie said...

HEY. Your 22 days to go baby looks WAY cuter than my 160-some days to go baby. Wanna switch?? PLEASE?? :)

Devin said...

How absolutely adorable! You are quite the crafty mama!