2 Weeks Old

Today was the day I was scheduled to have my cesarean if the version was unsuccessful. A lot has happened in two weeks. Hank is still on oxygen but otherwise a normal newborn. You know, sleeping like a baby all day and then keeping me up all night. He nurses like a champ, he hates to have his diaper changed, he is smiling (not sure if it is gas or the real deal) and his movements are beginning to be a little less spastic. It is so good to be home with him and holding him tight.Getting started on his GQ modeling.
Precious little feet.
The gang.
Daddy's little guy.


Steph said...

Katie - what great pictures! I love the one of all 4 kids. And the ones of Hank's little feet. And, well...all of them! You have an adorable little gang!!!

Monday through Sunday said...

So tiny ~ So precious! You have a beautiful little crew there!

Devin said...

LOVE the pics!

Anonymous said...

He is making Kaitlin look SO BIG! LOL! He is just precious and adored by many it looks.


Splaneyo said...

He is too cute with the girls - love the pictures.


Abbie said...

Have I mentioned how incredibly ADORABLE he is?! *sigh*

How are you feeling Katie girl?

Monday through Sunday said...

I am hope you are doing well..healing and adjusting!

Anonymous said...

Hi Folks,

We are so very glad for Hank's remarkable progress and for your joy in having home and safe.

We keep you all in our prayers.

Love, Grampa Bert, Lucy, and Aunt Sally

Shauna said...

These are such beautiful pictures!