And the Little One Said, "Roll Over, Roll Over"

There were four in a bed
And the little one said
"Roll over, roll over"
So they all rolled over
And one fell out.

Last week I had a particularly bad night with Hank one night and was desperate for a nap. Karlie doesn't really nap anymore. Sometimes if one of us lays down with her she will take a short nap. I put Kaitlin down to sleep in her crib and had Karlie crawl in bed with me while I nursed Hank to sleep. All was going well. I set Hank down and started to snuggle down for the nap I had been waiting for all day. Hank was asleep, Karlie and Kaitlin were asleep! Could this be true? Just as I was starting to drift off, BANG, BANG!! RING! RING! Bow-wow, Bow-wow!

The UPS man. Grrrrrr. He has amazing timing. He hits nap time perfectly every time! He also feels the need to let the entire neighborhood know he has arrived with a package. Similar to the SWAT team busting down a door on a raid. He hammers it with all his might and then rings the bell like a little kid getting joy out of sending the dog into hysterics. Daisy, our faithful and fearless pup, couldn't let down her guard just once. Nope, she has to go tearing to the door barking as loud as she can to frighten the potential intruder away. No UPS man is going to get away without a barking to on her watch! This scene of course woke the sleeping toddler. Once they get a wink, they are fully charged and ready to go. After thanking the UPS man for my package and mumbling under my breath for wrecking my nap, I grabbed Kaitlin from her crib and took her to my bed. Maybe just maybe peer pressure would work for good. If Karlie is sleeping (some how she managed to sleep through the ruckus), if Hank is sleeping, and if mommy is sleeping, maybe she would go back to sleep! She rested with us for an hour, but the perfect chance for a nap was over and my blood pressure was to high to fall asleep. Better luck next time.


Abbie said...

How the heck do they manage that EVERY TIME?! The stinkin' UPS guy manages to show up right at nap time at our house too! UGH!! I think he secretly has issues with his own mother and feels the need to take it out on the rest of us!!

Melissa Tutterrow said...

Katie and Max, I am so happy that baby Hank has come home and is now off O2!! I am praying for you!! Congrats again!!
Love, Melissa

Anonymous said...

I have to put a note on the door saying, PULLLEASSSE do not ring the door bell, leave the package at the door! I swear it happens to us too! Hope you get many more chances at that cherished nap time!


Lacey said...

Don't you hate that?? Put a baby sleeping sign on the door when you nap so they don't bother you. Grrrr.

Monday through Sunday said...

bummer!! Funny ~ I have pics just like this one..all the kids in the bed. cute!