Happy Birthday Jeanette- A Day Late :(

Not a card, not a present, not even a phone call, or a blog post to wish you a happy day. I win the prize as worst daughter-in-law! I can't even say I was thinking of you all day on your special day. These days I am lucky if I have the right day of the week down so knowing the date is a long shot. It wasn't until I was at Hank's weight check today and I wrote the date, 5/13/08, did my heart start to beat rapidly and my palms get sweaty. I FORGOT my mom #2's birthday! Can I blame it on the sleepless nights? How about the constant feeding demands of the baby have sucked all my brains out? Ok, how about I have been so busy learning the ropes of being a mom to 4 that I haven't even looked at a calander in almost a month? Still not good enough?? Let's see... Oh, I know! I have been day dreaming about your next visit when I can give you your gift!

Afternoon Tea at the Brown Palace with Hailey, Karlie, and that terrible daughter-in-law.
The Open Table writes: For decades, afternoon tea has been a tradition at The Brown Palace. Set amid the historic grandeur of the newly restored atrium lobby with its serenade of the melodic harp and piano accompaniment, guests revel in the splendor as they escape from the city's bustle. Enjoy such signature items as a pot of properly brewed English tea accompanied by scones served with Devonshire cream and preserves, savory tea sandwiches and a delightful array of classic tea pastries.

I do love you very much, even if I goofed on your birthday.


Monday through Sunday said...

I am sure she will understand..and the gift is AWESOME! I want to come along!!

Abbie said...

haha You are too cute! I got lucky and my mother-in-laws birthday just happens to be the same day as her sons...my hubby! hahahah Otherwise, no doubt I would be writing quite a few of these same type of posts myself! :)

How did Hanks check-up go?

:..Rebekah..: said...

"Learning the ropes of being a mom of four..." I'm think I'm still trying to learn the ropes! :)