Mr. Hank is Going to Send Me to an Early Grave

I think I have worried as much about Hank as I have all 3 of the girls over each of their entire lives combined. I can feel my blonde turning to gray as we speak. Today he had a follow up weight check at the doctors and he unfortunately lost weight. He is still above his birth weight, but lost 2 oz from last Monday. At this point he should be gaining 5-8 oz per week. With the serious hospital course he had, him being premature, all the fluid he gained, and his oxygen requirements, it is difficult to determine what the problem is. Premature babies sometimes have trouble with absorption, he could be spending more energy breathing than he should which would cause him to burn off more calories than he is taking in, he could just have been losing some of the pound of edema he had gained, or he could have a condition called failure to thrive. The pediatrician (along with Max and I) is hoping he just lost the last of the fluid. We will go back on Friday for another weight check. In the meantime I will be putting Hank on a rigorous feeding schedule. This boy isn't going to know what a hunger pain is for the next 3 days. I am determined to get him to go up on that scale!


Lacey Morgan said...

Oh Katie...sorry about his weight- I am sure it is just the water. Keep us posted. Did they take him off the Oxygen today?? Hope you have a good few days with that boy attached to you. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I hope these kinks get ironed out very soon and he gets to packing on the ounces! I too am curious about the O2!


Monday through Sunday said...

We will be praying!