10 Year Anniversary

10 wonderful years of marriage and 1 Pair of Soulmates
9 Cars and 1 Really Big One
8 Moves in 1 State
7 Years of dating and 1 Wedding
6 People and 1 Family
5 Bachelor degrees and 1 Medical School Degree
4 Years of college, 4 years of medical school, 4 years of residency with 1 Goal
3 Girls and 1 Boy
2 Hearts and 1 Love
1 Man

It's Your Love Max that makes my life complete.

Max is patient; Max is kind
and envies no one.
Max is never boastful, nor conceited, nor rude;
never selfish, not quick to take offense.
There is nothing Max cannot face;
there is no limit to his faith,
his hope, and endurance.
In a word, there are three things
that last forever: faith, hope, and his love;
but the greatest of them all is love.

Adapted from 1 Corinthians 13:4

Thank you for being you and for the family you have given me and for always making me smile. I love you.

Happy Birthday Pops!

We had a great visit with you and hope you have a very happy day!

The Three Tier Time Tester

I enjoy making the kids a special cake for their birthdays. Hailey originally wanted a horse cake of some kind. As we kept discussing this and that type of cake, eventually she decided she would like a hot pink, three tiered cake. She wanted the first layer to be chocolate, the second white and the top strawberry. At first I was going to try and cut out horse heads and horse shoes to put on the sides. But as usual, I was running late and short on time. So I asked her if we could make it a magical unicorn cake instead. Her favorite book series, My Secret Unicorn, has magical purple flowers. Lucky for me, I could make purple flowers pretty quickly. So with a lot of help from Gramma Nette we cranked out this cake in a couple of hours.
It tested our patience as the night before when we baked the cakes they boiled over and started a fire in the oven. After wracking our brains we could not figure out what had gone wrong. The next morning when we started fresh, Max realized he added double the amount of oil!
It wasn't the cake I had pictured, but what little girl wouldn't love a magical, hot pink, three tiered, three flavored cake?

Thursday Tea

On Hailey's Birthday we celebrated Gramma Nette's birthday too with her present to go out to tea with just the big girls. Karlie is always throwing tea parties at home and we thought it would be fun to take the girls to a "real" tea party. They got dressed in their finest dresses, styled their hair with buns and barrettes, and we went to tea at a quaint little tea room. Originally the plan was to go to the Brown Palace in downtown Denver, but it is rather costly at $30/person. So for our first experience we went somewhere that welcomed children and had a princess tea. It included cranberry scones, choice of soup or salad, tea sandwiches, chocolate covered puffed pastries, fruit stacks, and of course your choice of two teas.
One of the teas was called Blue Ice and it was pink. The girls were thrilled with that. Karlie most enjoyed serving up the sugar cubes and pouring the cream. I don't think she actually drank more than two sips. Hailey on the other hand really liked the tea and drank cup after cup. Hailey and Karlie chose clam chowder while Jeanette and I sampled the house salad. Both of the girls loved the egg salad sandwiches and the fruit stacks. It was nearly two hours of practicing their best manners, sitting still, and chatting. The afternoon was capped of with a champagne and cider toast to the birthday girl. The owner treated Hailey to a tiny tea cup and saucer as a birthday gift. It was a wonderful tea party.

Hailey's 7th Birthday Menu

Per tradition Hailey got to choose the menu for her birthday. For breakfast she wanted "circle cakes". These are a Max specialty. He pours pancake batter in a circle and cracks an egg in the center. He flips them over together and cooks the other side. It takes up an entire plate and syrup is spread over all of it. Hailey picked pink as the color for the pancake mix.For lunch we went to afternoon tea at the Wildflower's tea room. There will be another post about that experience to follow.
This girl has sophisticated taste AND expensive! She wanted crab legs, artichokes, pasta and salad. Our local grocery store had a special on King crab legs for $8.99/pound. They were out when we went to buy it earlier in the week so they gave us a rain check. When GrammaNette went back to get it on her birthday they were still out. She asked the manager if they would substitute it for the Giant King crab legs and they did! We had 3 pounds of Giant King crab for $28! It was a feast like I have never experienced. I never thought I could get full of crab. The artichokes were a dollar a piece so we had quite a celebration.
Hailey chose a banana split for her desert.

Happy 7th Birthday Hailey

How have seven wonderful years gone by? You are a pleasure to parent and a joy to watch blossom into a young lady. You are so smart, sweet, and beautiful inside and out. Happy Birthday sweetheart!

2 Months Old

I can't believe Hank is already two months old. He is emerging out of that newborn stage and socially smiling at everyone and cooing those precious baby coos. He weighs 10 pounds and is 22 inches long, both in the 25th %. He is such a blessing in our lives and now that we have gotten into a new normal, it is hard to imagine our family without him. He is still sweet as ever and perfectly content as long as there are loving arms to hold him. I am most definitely spoiling him and soaking up every minute of it!

If Three is a Crowd...

Then what is 6? Poor family planning in the vehicle department! Our family car is now Max's truck. It is the only one that can physically and safely seat all of us. Max was riding around in the back of my Mountaineer like the dog use to, but we decided he would have to part with his truck for awhile and hand the keys over to me. It now has 3 car seats and a booster in it. We are shopping for a more suitable car, but for now we are 6 in a truck.

Study Buddies

Max has been studying very hard for his medical boards exam in pathology. He will be flying to Florida this week to sit for the arduous two day exam that will test his knowledge in all areas of pathology. As with all things, Max is working his hardest. He is studying into the wee hours of the night and getting up every morning between 4:30 and 5:00 am to put in a few hours before his official day starts. Since Hank has been home he tucks in all the ladies of the house and then keeps Hank out with him while he studies. Some nights I am dead on my feat and Hank is not yet ready for bed, so Max holds him while he studies. After I feed Hank in the morning, Max takes him out to their study spot so I can keep sleeping. The men of the house have put in over a hundred hours of studying together. Hank is getting ahead start on his pathology career, Max is getting a little one on one time with Hank, and I am getting more sleep! That Max is some guy.

Happy Birthday Colin!

We love having you in our family and hope you have a wonderful day.

"H" Buddies

Hailey and Hank share a special bond. The first and the last. Hailey begged and begged us to name him with an H so she wouldn't feel left out since Karlie and Kaitlin both have Ks.

She affectionately calls him her "H" buddy. But they share more than just an H. They have the same blood type, A+, while Karlie and Kaitlin are A-. Hailey and Hank were both breech and both premature. Thus far they have the same temperament as newborns. I can't wait to see what else our little "H" buddies have in common.

Happy Birthday GGPL

We have fond memories of last years birthday bash and hope you are having a great day!

When Do I Grow Eyes in the Back of My Head?

Kaitlin has entered the ornery twos. She hasn't reached all out terrible yet but she is into everything! If I am not watching her for a second, she is into something. Her favorite thing to do is to get some brightly colored, greasy medium and spread it all over herself and her surroundings. She has gotten the pink baby lotion, the blue body lotion, the sunscreen, the watermelon green toothpaste, the blue toothpaste, the Desitin (diaper rash ointment), and of course too many colored markers to count. She thought her closet doors and her bed needed a little more color, so she used fuchsia marker to brighten it up.
I am left wondering when that special moment in a mom's life will happen where I grow another set of eyes in the back of my head. I mean, how many kids do you have to have before it happens? Haven't I reached the quota? Is it something I have to apply for? Do I need to clear it with my insurance first? Or do a certain number of disasters have to happen before my fairy godmother comes and gives them to me? I just hope someone shows up with the eyes before Hank turns two! :0)
The windows and the curtains got a moisturizing rub with this one.
The bathroom walls and door got a refreshing toothpaste scrub on this day.
She started her interior decorating career this morning.

A Taste of Summer

It has been unseasonably cool here in Colorado this spring and we finally got our first real taste of summer this weekend when temperatures were in the upper 80's with the sun shining. We enjoyed some outside time with the kids. They wanted a picnic one day, so they set it up under the trees in the back yard. Sunday they broke out the dual headed slip and slide. Kaitlin was not too hot on the idea of slipping down an icy cold piece of plastic, but Hailey and Karlie did it for hours. The weekend ended as it does every night with story time and hugs and kisses goodnight.