"H" Buddies

Hailey and Hank share a special bond. The first and the last. Hailey begged and begged us to name him with an H so she wouldn't feel left out since Karlie and Kaitlin both have Ks.

She affectionately calls him her "H" buddy. But they share more than just an H. They have the same blood type, A+, while Karlie and Kaitlin are A-. Hailey and Hank were both breech and both premature. Thus far they have the same temperament as newborns. I can't wait to see what else our little "H" buddies have in common.


M&M said...

What a precious boy you have-such a cute smile. He even looks most like Hailey, I think.

Lacey said...

I love it!! And I agree- he does look like Hailey. You have beautiful children!

Monday through Sunday said...