Hailey's 7th Birthday Menu

Per tradition Hailey got to choose the menu for her birthday. For breakfast she wanted "circle cakes". These are a Max specialty. He pours pancake batter in a circle and cracks an egg in the center. He flips them over together and cooks the other side. It takes up an entire plate and syrup is spread over all of it. Hailey picked pink as the color for the pancake mix.For lunch we went to afternoon tea at the Wildflower's tea room. There will be another post about that experience to follow.
This girl has sophisticated taste AND expensive! She wanted crab legs, artichokes, pasta and salad. Our local grocery store had a special on King crab legs for $8.99/pound. They were out when we went to buy it earlier in the week so they gave us a rain check. When GrammaNette went back to get it on her birthday they were still out. She asked the manager if they would substitute it for the Giant King crab legs and they did! We had 3 pounds of Giant King crab for $28! It was a feast like I have never experienced. I never thought I could get full of crab. The artichokes were a dollar a piece so we had quite a celebration.
Hailey chose a banana split for her desert.

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Lacey said...

YUM!! I love reading the "birthday menu." I want to start that tradition in my family- it's such a good one!! :0) Hailey has some good taste...think she'd invite us over next year for her birthday dinner??