The Three Tier Time Tester

I enjoy making the kids a special cake for their birthdays. Hailey originally wanted a horse cake of some kind. As we kept discussing this and that type of cake, eventually she decided she would like a hot pink, three tiered cake. She wanted the first layer to be chocolate, the second white and the top strawberry. At first I was going to try and cut out horse heads and horse shoes to put on the sides. But as usual, I was running late and short on time. So I asked her if we could make it a magical unicorn cake instead. Her favorite book series, My Secret Unicorn, has magical purple flowers. Lucky for me, I could make purple flowers pretty quickly. So with a lot of help from Gramma Nette we cranked out this cake in a couple of hours.
It tested our patience as the night before when we baked the cakes they boiled over and started a fire in the oven. After wracking our brains we could not figure out what had gone wrong. The next morning when we started fresh, Max realized he added double the amount of oil!
It wasn't the cake I had pictured, but what little girl wouldn't love a magical, hot pink, three tiered, three flavored cake?


Devin said...

Completely adorable. Love it!!!

Lacey said...

Beautiful as always....are you sure you have four kids- super mom? Do you use a cookie cutter for the flowers?

Abbie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Oh my goodness, how darling is that cake?!
Can you be my mommy on my next birthday please? :)
Rainbow chip with rainbow chip frosting. Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

You are becoming a master at these cakes! It was beautiful. I agree with Lace, are you sure you have FOUR kiddos? :)