Thursday Tea

On Hailey's Birthday we celebrated Gramma Nette's birthday too with her present to go out to tea with just the big girls. Karlie is always throwing tea parties at home and we thought it would be fun to take the girls to a "real" tea party. They got dressed in their finest dresses, styled their hair with buns and barrettes, and we went to tea at a quaint little tea room. Originally the plan was to go to the Brown Palace in downtown Denver, but it is rather costly at $30/person. So for our first experience we went somewhere that welcomed children and had a princess tea. It included cranberry scones, choice of soup or salad, tea sandwiches, chocolate covered puffed pastries, fruit stacks, and of course your choice of two teas.
One of the teas was called Blue Ice and it was pink. The girls were thrilled with that. Karlie most enjoyed serving up the sugar cubes and pouring the cream. I don't think she actually drank more than two sips. Hailey on the other hand really liked the tea and drank cup after cup. Hailey and Karlie chose clam chowder while Jeanette and I sampled the house salad. Both of the girls loved the egg salad sandwiches and the fruit stacks. It was nearly two hours of practicing their best manners, sitting still, and chatting. The afternoon was capped of with a champagne and cider toast to the birthday girl. The owner treated Hailey to a tiny tea cup and saucer as a birthday gift. It was a wonderful tea party.

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Monday through Sunday said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE teas!! Yay for teas!!