Camping With a New Baby

We love the outdoors and love to camp. But trying to camp with a new baby isn't exactly my idea of a good time. The girls have been begging Max to do a camp out in the backyard and last weekend he surrendered.
All three girls and Max piled into our two man tent from our B.C. (before children) days that had a fragrance similar to rotting cheese. The girls brought their blankies, their stuffed animals, their pillows, their books and flashlights. Max must have been so comfortable and had a restful night of sleep. I on the other hand climbed into our bed with fresh sheets, 3 pillows and Hank. It was rough, but I managed. Around 10p.m. Karlie came into my room and said she was getting her bed. I guess she had had enough of "camping." Kaitlin and Hailey stuck it out the whole night much to Max's chagrin.
Since we didn't get to make S'mores Hailey suggest we have S'mores pancakes. That had never occurred to me. Max put chocolate chips and tiny marshmallows in the batter. When the marshmallows cooked they turned into little sugar pits. They were a huge hit and I can see they will be a new menu item at our house. I think I might like this type of camping! :)

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