The Difference Between Mom and Dad

I guess this is a 2 for Tuesday!Hank had a pretty fussy day yesterday and was only content when nursing or in my arms. It was frustrating because the house was in utter chaos and needed a good cleaning in a bad way. So I managed to vacuum, mop, clean the bathroom and the kitchen and get 3 loads of laundry done. Oh and then there is bathing the older kids, getting a shower myself, and taking Kaitlin to parent-tot gymnastics thrown in too. Hank cried some but mostly I got to carry an extra 12 pounds around with me all day.

Max got home late and I had promised Hailey I would take her to get her a clip lamp for her bed so she can read after bedtime. I also was looking forward to being 12 pounds lighter for just an hour. Hailey and I dashed off to Walmart and when we returned I found my beautiful, sweet girls resembled members of the Hells Angles!
Karlie took up a new career interest as a tattoo artist. She applied 12 tattoos to herself and Kailtlin. When I asked Max what happened, his reply was "that I was only trying to have one screaming child at a time." OK, but did you have to let her use all the left over tattoos from the pirate and princess party we had? What would have happened if I had been gone longer? I am sure the nail polish would have been next. :)
Interestingly, Karlie choose to give Kaitlin all the Pirates of the Caribbean tattoos and used the Tinkerbell ones for herself.
I especially like the skull on Kaitlin's foot. And that is the difference between mom and dad with a fussy baby.


Abbie said...

HAHHAHA This is SO funny! Not the fussy Hank part, of course. :)

p.s. LOVE LOVE LOVE your new page! So pretty!

Steph said...

Great story!

BTW - I love your new site design...

Lacey said...

That is hilarious!!!