Family Reunion Omaha 2008

Here is the whole crew! Back row: Clayton, Kerrie, Snork, Max
Middle Row: Scott, Chrysti, Mom, Grama Helen, Me, Hank, Mel, Colin
Front Row: Titus, R.J., Karlie, Kaitlin, Hailey, Maximus

Most of the pictures I took were in the car. I guess that was when I had the time and that is what we did for most of the trip. It was a long drive with Mr. Hank. He still likes to nurse frequently and car seats and seat belts are not conducive to that. We made many stops but made it in 8 hours each way.

The older kids did great. Once again I will say what a life saver car DVD players are. Our new car has one built into it and wireless head phones so the kids were sucked into the TV completely. They got these mouth open, zombie stares and the miles just flew by for them.
It was nice to meet Snork's whole side of the family. We also went to the Coco Key water park. It had 5 indoor water slides, a kiddie play area, a splash zone, and a lazy river. It was very kid friendly but not pocketbook friendly. The kids had a blast and we played until Kaitlin got so tired she had a nuclear meltdown and couldn't stop crying. She was asleep before we even left the parking lot. We also played at the hotel pool on Saturday, which was nice and relaxing.
Gramma Nette made the girls matching shirts and skirts. I couldn't resist getting Hank a pair of red shorts too. They looked so cute.

Here is my picture of heaven on a car trip. Yes, for about an hour all four kids were asleep. :)

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M&M said...

You are very brave driving with a 3 month old. Gramma Helen looks good. Looks like you all had fun. I wish I could've been there :(