Go Figure

Lately Hailey has been very interested in looking on items to see where they are made. After a few days of this and reading the small American flag she had was made in China, she exasperatedly asked me if everything was made in China. I had to laugh.

Last night while eating our homemade Chinese food which consists of sesame chicken, white rice, and steamed broccoli; we had the sesame seeds, the soy sauce, and the chili paste on the table. Hailey grabbed the sesame seeds and read the back with excitement, "Mom these are made in the U.S.A.!" We remarked how funny that was because they had Chinese (I think) writing on the front. Next she looked on the back of the Kikkoman soy sauce and sure enough it was made in the good old U.S.A too. We a laughed at the irony when she read the back of the chili paste and it was made in California. So while it seems nearly everything is made in China, our Chinese dinner was 100% made in America. Go Figure.


Monday through Sunday said...

Too funny! I would not have thunk it!

Anonymous said...

I saw something last month (or two) on the BBC web site that the "Free Tibet" flags were being made in China - there's a certain irony in that!