No Joke

I am always up for a good laugh and happy to provide a good laugh for others. Recently we were at Barnes and Noble searching for a gift. After I drug the four kids all around the store searching for this book a nice employee came up to me to see if she could help. I can imagine how I looked hauling Hank around in his car seat with one arm, holding hands with Kaitlin with my other. My purse had slipped down my arm that I was holding Kaitlin's with and was lightly dragging on the floor. Karlie was holding Kaitlin's other hand and Hailey was trailing behind us. Of course there were plenty of "no, don't touch that, and no you can't have that, and oh, shhh Hank, it's ok we are almost done" comments as I drug them through the store. I had a bit of baby spit-up on my shoulder, my unwashed hair in a pony tail, no make-up on, and I think both my shoes were tied. I must have looked as frazzled as I felt for the lady to leave her post at the information desk to seek me out or maybe she could see a future melt down about to occur and was hoping to shoo us on our way before we disrupted the entire store.

Anyway, she was kind enough to help me locate the book. She asked politely if there was something she could help me find. I happily said, oh that would be wonderful if you could help me find Taking Charge of Your Fertility. She tried very hard to conceal the smirk and little giggle that escaped as she quickly turned and said, "Oh, yes, I know right where that book is." She led us to it and handed it to me with a grin from ear to ear. I could have said it was a gift, or that we had that surgically taken care of, but I just smiled and said thank you. I am sure she was thinking I should have invested in that book a little sooner. :)


Anonymous said...

What a riot! This post reads like a book! I think you've found your calling (like you need another job, right?). I think all mommies can picture themselves in this exact situation! LOL!!!!!


Monday through Sunday said...

LOL ~ I have been there! Cute post!