Olympics 2012

The girls completed their summer gymnastics class this week and got to try out all the events. I think they will be ready for the 2012 Olympics. :) Watching the older teens do their routines it was apparent to me what incredible strength and talent it takes for olympic gymnast. Watching them bound and flip across the floor looks effortless, but seeing "real" girls attempt some of the maneuvers showed just how difficult it really is.

This was Kaitlin's first session of gymnastics. She is fearless and eager to try everything.The Bars.
The Beam.
The Rings.
This is the "Peter Pan belt" that hoists the kids in the air so they can learn to do flips. Kaitlin's age group just gets to fly like Tinker Bell. Kaitlin kept saying, "more, more!"

Karlie is light as a feather and seems to be a natural at gymnastics.
Here she is up on the big beam.
You can see how high the cargo net goes up to the ceiling on the left hand side with a big foam pit below.
Karlie started to climb to the top. Here she is about half way up. That is when we yelled to her to come back down. I was afraid she would get up and then not be able to figure out how to get back down. She did great and next time, mommy won't be such afraidy cat and will let her go as high as she wants.
Karlie flying on the Peter Pan belt. I wasn't able to get Hailey. She was so fast it came out blurry. She did multiple flips in the air. Looks like fun!
Here is Hailey at the very top. They have a cow bell that you ring. She rang it with all her might and I gasped. She is so strong and courageous. Hailey's best event is the rings. She can hold herself upside down and make the L shape. She makes it look easy. I doubt if I could even hang on and swing myself.

What a fun summer of gymnastics we have had. I think Kaitlin and I will continue the Parent-Tot class but the big girls think they may try Tae Kwon Do.


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Do all gyms look the same? If I knew better I'd think you were in Texas. :0) She looks like a natural! LOok out 2012!!