Somewhere Between a Baby and a Big Girl

Kaitlin has been wanting to try sleeping in her BGB (big girl bed) since we took our trip to Omaha. While in Omaha she slept on a make shift bed instead of a crib and she has been talking about her "own bed" ever since. Last night she actually crawled into her BGB, so we transfered all her favorite stuffed animals, blankets and pillows to let her try it out. She was thrilled. We read Goodnight Moon, gave her the pacifier that she still gets to sleep with, and kissed her goodnight. I was thinking the minute we shut the door she would be out of bed and we would have to put her back in the crib. Minutes spanned into an hour. We turned on the baby monitor and silence. She had fallen asleep in her BGB. I was shocked and I must confess a little sad. My baby is growing up. I think Max was a little bewildered about the tears welling up in my eyes. At times it seems the restless nights and never a moment for ourselves all day will never end. Then at moments like this it is so poignant how quickly it all goes by. She is on the verge of officially leaving the baby stage forever. While I am eager to watch her take flight part of me wants to hold her back and keep her my sweet, little baby forever. I guess that is probably a mommy thing. Growing pains for sure.
I was just the slightest bit happy when at midnight she awoke crying. I think she was confused and disorientated in her new bed. We tried a few times to soother her but ultimately going back in the crib is what she wanted. I smiled when I woke up. I guess she hasn't crossed over just yet. I have a few more stolen moments of babyhood to soak up.


Monday through Sunday said...

I have been going through this with my little one. She will be three in a couple of weeks..and it aches that she has grown so much. I do not have a baby anymore.

Steph said...

I'm on the same page too. Logan has been out of his crib for two months. Sometimes he will sleep in his big boy bed and sometimes it's the little fold out kid couch next to his bed. But he seems to like it. Yes, these little munchkins do indeed grow up too fast!!!