Auntie Anna's Visit

Last week Max's sister, Anna, came to visit. We enjoyed her company so much we are trying to get her to move here! It was great to see her and the girls adore her. They got to put "real" make-up on (I have a thing of play make up for them and tell them they can't use mommy's but Anna put her nice make-up on them), have multiple tea parties including trying out English Breakfast tea, a slumber party at the hotel, a trip to the Denver Museum, and lots of hugs and love compliments of Aunt Anna.
Beauty Queens with real make-up. :)Hank and Anna
Hailey and Anna
Kaitlin and Anna
Karlie and Anna

On Friday Max and Hailey played hooky so we could go to the museum. Such a bad mom letting her ditch the first week of school but it seemed cruel and unusual punishment to send her while we all went out for a fun day. Her school is very academic driven and the teacher made her skip recess and game time to work on the work she missed. YIKES. Hailey said it was still worth it to spend the day at the museum. On this trip we visited the animal dioramas, the mummies, the discovery zone, and the space station. Anna bought Karlie some bug candy that has edible bugs in it. Karlie was happy to eat the amber around the bugs and I heard her trying to convince Kaitlin to eat them by saying, "they have protein in them and will make you big and strong. Don't you want to eat them honey?" If that is not a big sister manipulation I don't know what is. Kaitlin didn't fall for it.

Thanks to Anna Karlie now asks every morning if she can have breakfast tea. LOL. This girl is growing up too fast.
We even learned about the different types of poop on the prairie.
The grizzly bear had the cutest face.
Kaitlin trying to be a bear.
So happy to have daddy on the trip!

Thank you for coming to visit us and we hope it won't be long before you are here to stay!


Courtney said...

Looks like fun! I can't believe you are already encouraging class skipping~ LOL!

Abbie said...

You are the coolest mom EVER!! Can I come have a 'skip' day at your house sometime?! :)

Been thinking about you lots too Katie-girl. You keep me motivated in the 'I-can-do-this' direction. I've got about 4 weeks to go. Totally excited about the baby being here, but TERRIFIED for labor and delivery again. TERRIFIED.
You need to email me! I'm sure the whole world doesn't need to know about how scared I am :) haha!


Awesome pics sis. Word on the street is your excited about dancing at Kerrie and Clayton's wedding- me too:)

Steph said...

What a great time!