School Fundraiser

FUNDRAISER- Let’s dissect what this really means.
FUN- No, not at all.
FUND- The school would like you to take a second on your house to pay for all the fundraisers they have.
RAISE- My blood pressure.
ER- The noise I keep making with each new FUNDRAISER they send the kids home with.

On Tuesday the school sent Hailey home with an Entertainment Gold C Book Fundraiser with instruction to only sell to family and friends. She says, “Mom, they are only $25.00 and they have lots of coupons for you so we can go do stuff.” I peruse the book to see if I can and would make my $25.00 bucks back and decide that this seems like a good way to support the school and agree to buy one. She calls up Grammy and suckers her into one too. I felt good that we were helping the school and not ripping people off.

Then on Wednesday they send her home with the Butter Braid Bread Fundraiser only it’s a knock off and she says, “Mom these are great! No need to thaw, rise, and bake, just heat and eat! I really want the chocolate one! Can we get it?” I have bought these from other kids doing blasted fundraisers and they are quite good, so I am tempted to fork over the $13 to get my paws on another one but then remember I have already signed up for the Gold C Book. Decisions, decisions…

On Thursday she comes home with the Kids First Fundraiser. Really???? Hailey whips out the prize poster and eagerly informs me this year she wants to sell 22 items so she can be entered in the drawing to ride in the limo for lunch and she proceeds to show me all the “great stuff you can buy.” Now I am just plain fuming. First, I could buy her a way better toy for a fraction of the cost of all the junk they give away for selling outrageous amounts of stuff. Who wants a bike lock for selling 7 items?Secondly, when did I sign up to have the school start teaching my daughter how to be a used car sales man? Thirdly, enough with the fundraisers! Now I just don’t want to do any of them on principle.

Then my head almost exploded and spun around when Hailey glanced down at her shirt and noticed the CiCi's Pizza sticker on her shirt. She coyly asks, "What are we having for dinner tonight?" I take the bait and tell her. She smiles all big and cute and says, "I have a great idea! Why don't you take the night off from cooking and let's go to CiCi's for dinner? Fifteen percent of what we goes to the school!"

As I stammer and say “err” and sometimes “grrrrrr”, I read over the school newsletter to find the Rock Fair and the School Carnival still to come in September. Yes, the Rock Fair is where they have your child go shopping one day and find all the rocks they want to buy and then you send them to school the next day with the right amount of cash to buy rocks! Just where I want Max’s hard earned dollar to go, buying a pile of rocks! Let’s not forget the school carnival with overpriced food and lame games that the kids want to play over and over and over. I can't wait! This year I am going to buy the five dollar ticket to throw a pie at the principle.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for helping out the school but this is over the top. Really people, can’t you space out your money sucking campaigns a little more. Don’t they know we just spent a fortune on registering them, buying all their school supplies, and clothing them for the winter? I might be more inclined to buy if they spread them out a little bit. I bet magazines and wrapping paper are up next for October.

Well, now that I have told you how much I love fundraising, want to buy something? ☺


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, I too got the gold coupon book for Bailey to sell. Only I could handle the $25, her school's is $40.00. That's a month supply of Starbucks for momma:) Hope all is well and I would love to buy something, but at this time I need to get a loan out for Bailey's school fundraisers.


Steph said...

I hear ya Katie. We get overwhelmed too...I bought the Entertainment book because I figured I'd get my money's worth. But I also bought a $20 coupon card from my niece's boyfriend for football...knowing good & well I most likely would not use it. In my email...a request to buy an ESPN subscription for my cousin's son ($40). Next weekend? Softball fundraiser for my niece...Central City. I guess at least it's time away!

Us parents are going to have to start our own support the school fundraisers! :)

Lacey said...

that is just ridiculous. many fundraisers can they do at once?? someones got to get on the pta/pto board of that school and fix things. Geeze Louise..

Anonymous said...

Amen sister! I've had it with fundraisers too, although our school seems to spread them out it a bit more. I love the way the school says not to go door to door to sell, and I definitely agree, but how many times can you hit up your relatives? I usually only buy from one fundraiser a year.