Thursday 13- Motherhood

I was looking back at my week and wondering what I had accomplished. As a stay at home mom there are no raises, no promotions or completed projects. If your lucky, your husband will notice the house is picked up when he gets home or if the floor is vacuumed. But no one is there to evaluate or see the little day to day things. Your accomplishments take years; say 18, to come to fruition. So the day in and day out can start to feel mundane. I thought I would do a Thursday 13 about motherhood moments.

This is Katie reporting live from the trenches of motherhood on the good, the bad, and the ugly. Warning- some of this is graphic in nature and not suitable for all readers.

1. Tea Parties. We have escalated to full blown tea parties with my fine china and my grandmother’s gorgeous teapot. The girls get dressed up in their finest princess costumes and apply loads of purple eye shadow and hot pink lipstick. They are not fans of herbal teas but like the way they smell. It’s more about using our manners and putting in sugar cubes than tasting the tea. Oh the fun conversations we have. We were actually in the middle of this tea party when we got Max’s letter that he passed boards!

2. Dress-up. I have life size Barbies. I get to do their hair, dress them in cute little outfits, and sometimes put play make-up and nail polish on. This is definitely one of the best parts of having little girls.

3. Cinderella. I love this game! Karlie came up with this one and how I wish she would play it every day. I am the evil step-mother (what would Freud say about that one?) and she is Cinderella. I have to tell her chores to do, but I have to say it in a mean voice. She loves it when I “make” her scrub the floor and fold the laundry. I would be so happy if she wanted to play Cinderella every day. Too bad she has only wanted to play it twice all summer.

4. Being a kid again. Coloring, board games, war, bubbles, candy, painting, water games, and cartoons.

5. Field trips to the zoo, butterfly museum, museum of nature and science, indoor swim parks, and pools. I knew I had lost all sanity when I agreed to take all four of them to a water park with a girlfriend and her two kids when 3 of them can’t swim.

6. Snuggles. I get more love on a daily basis than many people do in a lifetime. Someone always wants a hug, to be held, or to snuggle. Warm fuzzies all around.

7. Play dates. I have a love hate relationship with play dates. It is great when they get to go and play at a friend’s house, ah but then you have to reciprocate. It is one thing when you have two kids and another comes over. It is a bit much when I end up with 6 kids at once. I am glad school is starting.

8. Back to school shopping. I can see by the time these 3 girls are teenagers my August budget for back to school shopping will rival my December budget for Christmas.  On-line shopping has been a godsend this year.

9. Poop. What can I say, there is a lot of it in my job. I think I might invite that guy that goes to the world’s dirtiest jobs over for a try at my house. Hank initiated me into something that had never happened in all my thousands of diaper changes. This little guy has quite the internal combustion system. I was in the middle of changing him and had is legs pushed up so that his bum was primed in the cannon position positioned right at my face. Karlie came in and asked me a question so I turned my face toward her. Well at that moment Hank decided to let loose. He did it with such force that poop sprayed on my face all over my cheek. I was in complete shock. My kid had just pooped on my FACE! Oh sure laugh at all the phrases. (Insert the grown up term for poop.) Poop head, poop face, poopy day, oh poop! You get the idea. How do you de-poop yourself at that point? YUCK.
So along with that there are Kaitlin diapers. And anyone who has had a toddler potty training knows that is a dirty job. 1. Toddler poop is far more disgusting than baby poop. 2. Potty training toddlers forget often at first. I now just throw away the underwear.
Finally my third bum to wipe is Karlie’s. Preschoolers learning to wipe are almost as bad. It gets on the toilet, on their hands, and they still don’t manage to properly take care of business. So that leaves mom with wiping duty. Without fail Karlie yells, “mom come wipe me” right in the middle of dinner. Appetizing let me tell you.

10. Terrible Twos. I don’t think it needs much explanation. Tantrums. Time-outs. Scratching. Time-outs. Hitting. Time-outs. Saying No. Time-outs. Demanding to do everything even when you are late. Mommy time-out.

11. No nap Karlie. Naptime is a sacred time for most moms. It is the one part of the day where you get a few moments to yourself. Heck you might even get to go to the bathroom alone or blog or just enjoy the quiet. No more. Karlie no longer takes naps. I try to get her to rest for an hour each day but she usually comes out for water or a question or a book or this or that. Good-bye alone time.

12. Meltdowns. This week I had the ultimate meltdown moment. We had just got home from running some errands and the big girls had a slumber party at friend’s house the night before so they were tired and whinny all morning. After lunch I told everyone they were going to lie down for a rest. On cue Hank started screaming, then Kaitlin thought she was going to sleep in my bed with Hailey and she began to meltdown when I told her no. Two kids screaming, two to go. Then Hailey realized she left her special yellow blanket at her friend’s house and she started crying. Three kids crying. Then Karlie realized she left her special Ellie at the friend’s house too so she started bawling. Four kids screaming. Yes! Good times.

13. Shopping with four kids. I get a lot of interesting looks when at the store with all the kids. Recently I felt like that Walmart mom you have all seen. Hank was screaming at the top of his lungs, Kaitlin was screaming “out, out” (she wanted out of the stroller), Karlie was running circles around us and Hailey was asking me for every thing at eye level. These days test my patience. Do I abandon the almost full cart and retreat home or do I charge ahead? These are the not so glamorous moments of mommyhood.


Courtney said...

oh, my gosh, I'm tired just reading your post! I can imagine all of those things happening, but best of all are those hugs, kisses, and snuggles. I live for them!

Monday through Sunday said...

We have about the same life right now. Just is a season of will be over one day..and the funny thing...we will only remember the good of it all. :)

Steph said...

What a great recap Katie! Sounds like you're having fun while wrangling the little ones! :)

Karrie and Chrysti said...