Who Said?

Grama Helen sent Hailey some Hannah Montana stuff for her birthday, including a pen that sings little clips of her songs. Well, that initiated Karlie into a groupie. She instantly became a fan and wanted to see who sang the song. They have never seen the show, so we got on You Tube and she watched with delight as Hannah Montana sang Who Said. This led to me eventually getting the CD for them. Hailey is mildly interested but Karlie is all out fanatic. Every Hannah Montana item she sees, she thinks she has to have it. She has yet to watch the show but begs me to blair the CD in the car. I can see just how much trouble I am going to be in when she is a teen! So here she is doing her best Hannah Montana performance on the "stage" in our living room. There is only one word that comes to mind... TROUBLE :)


Abbie said...

That KILLS me! That is too too funny! For some strange reason Liv knows Hannah Montana anytime she sees a picture of her in the store and squeals at the top of her lungs 'IT'S HANNAH MONTANA!!'. For the love of Mike, she is only three!!

Devin said...

Oh, my. Get ready mama 'cause the Jonas Brothers are next. They seem to go hand in hand.

CUTE pics!!

Steph said...

Adorable! Devin's right...Jonas Brothers are next. Maybe you'll get what I did "Mom, those boys are hot!". Oy.