Happy Birthday Heather

Here is wishing you a happy day. I hope your little ones are good to you today, that you got to sleep in (yeah-right, not for like 10 more years), that you get a moment of quiet (never happens in my house), and that you and Sam could have a date night out (soon anyway:)

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Abbie said...

Hey Katie girl :) Didn't know where else to answer your question, so hope this is ok :) hhaha
Because of the phobias I've dealt with my entire life combined with the horrifying way my first labor/delivery experience turned out, we thought we would induce. My doctor is going out of town soon, and knew it would cause more anxiety if she weren't around during that time, so we wanted to do this while we KNEW she was in town! :)
p.s. LOVE the new toe-eating pictures of Hank! He is just too much!