Thursday 13- Things That Make Motherhood Easier

1. Disposable diapers- Need I say more?

2. Costco/Sam's Warehouse- Where you can buy bulk diapers and wipes.

3. Scrubbing Bubbles- I could do an infomercial for this stuff. It really works! No scrubbing AT ALL.

4. This little key hook thing called a carabiner. It is a rock climbing tool but it has made it so I am no longer spending hours searching for my keys. I just clasp it to my belt loop and always have the keys on me when out and about and then I hang them up with it at home on the key rack.

5. Baby Monitors- So I can stop hallucinating that I am hearing a baby cry.

6. Coffemaker- I am not sure I could face the day without her.

7. Breastfeeding- Always available and the right temperature, can't forget it at home, shuts up crying baby instantly, and FREE!

8. Noise Maker- to drowned out the dog barking at the UPS man who tries to bang down my door during nap time.

9. Moms- without mine I don't think I would have any hair or sanity left.

10. PBS kids- Yes, I use PBS as my babysitter while I make dinner. Since the kids only get to watch an hour of TV a day they are fully fixated while I make dinner.

11.The Internet- for many reasons but the first being that Hailey thinks I am the second smartest person in the world (of course daddy is 1st) because I can sneak away and google anything I need to do her homework. Like explaining what a homophone is or how many miles the Great Wall of China is.

12. School- I am so grateful to have educators to entrust my children's learning with. I do not have the patience, creativity, or smarts to do such a demanding and important job.

13. Husbands- Max is my partner in crime and I couldn't do it without his daily love, support, and compliments. Somehow he manages to find something nice to say even when he comes home to house that looks like Katrina has just flown by with loads of laundry waiting to be folded, toys strewn across the floor, coloring books splayed out on the table, dinner dishes piled high in the sink waiting to be washed, a sticky floor from the milk and juice that were spilled throughout the day, windows full of dog slobber and little handprints, and a wife that is a far cry from one of those 50's moms in pumps, a skirt, with perfect hair and make-up, and a drink in hand for hubby.


Lacey said...

I've never used scrubbing bubbles...guess I need to try?? your such a good writer Katie. I love your posts!!

Steph said...

Disposable diapers - check!
Sam's - check!
Scrubbing Bubbles - check! I love 'em!
Carbiners - check!
Baby monitor - check!
Coffeemaker - check, for use only when I cannot make it to Starbucks! :)
Breastfeeding - not needed! :)
Noisemaker (well, fan) - check!
Moms - love 'em!
PBS kids - big CHECK!
Internet - check, check, check!
School - CHECK - one down, one to go!
Husband - check!

I guess great minds really DO think alike! :)

Courtney said...

I think most of those items would be on my list too! Can you imagine cloth diapers?! No thanks!