6 Months Old

Hi. My name is Hank. I am the happiest baby alive. This is how I look most of the time.
Hank loves to scream at the top of his lungs in total joy, just pleased as peach to hear his voice. We have taken to calling him the Banshee Wailer. People will call and think I am torturing him and he is just singing his little heart out happy as can be. He now eats three jars of baby food a day. He can almost sit up by himself and he loves to bounce in the Johnny Jumper, but most of all he loves the undivided attention he receives from the ladies in his life. He gets so excited when Hailey comes home from school or when we pick Karlie up or when Kaitlin plays peek-a-boo with him. His sisters really dote on him and it shows.

At his check up today the poor guy got 5 shots. It is so hard to choose to inflict pain on your children. But I think the success of vaccines have been their own worst enemy. Most of us have never had to watch the devastating effects of polio or measles. Two of my children got whooping cough despite being vaccinated and I can tell you I would gladly choose a little shot over the months of agony and near deathly toll it took on them. I just wish they could come up with combination vaccines so they didn't have to get so many pokes. Even Hank's hearty thighs look pitiful covered with five band-aids. :(

Hank weighs 18 pounds and 11 ounces and is 27 and 1/4 inches long, both in the 75th percentile! Hailey weighed 20 pounds at one year! The doctor said if he keeps jumping percentiles like this he is on target to be a very big boy. I am loving the different energy a little boy is bringing to the house and thank God for our little miracle.


Monday through Sunday said...

He is beautiful...and a wonderful joy to your family!

Courtney said...

What a doll baby. I'm sure it has been so fun adding a little blue to the mix! He'll know how to charm the ladies that's for sure! LOL!
Cate was 20 pounds at one year too! What a big boy!

Lacey said...

What a little cutie patootie! He is precious and is such a blessing. I am so happy you get to mother a little man. You are blessed indeed!

Steph said...

What a happy little man! Mothering a boy is so different - but in a good way!

Splaneyo said...

Such a cutie - I can't wait to meet him.