Thursday 13 ~ Things I Love About October

1. Anna's Birthday
2. Owen's Birthday
3. Laney's Birthday
4. Spencer's Birthday
5. Gigi's Birthday
6. Kerrie's Birthday
7. Mom's Birthday
8. The gorgeous fall leaves
9. Pumpkin Patch trips
10. Halloween with all the kid costumes
11. Time to break out my Uggs
12. Warm beverages all day long
13. Jeans and a cozy sweatshirt


Devin said...

Jeez! That's a lot-o-birthdays. Better head to Target! LOL!!

Courtney said...

I hear ya on the uggs and pumpkin patch trips! Cate will be a spider this year for Halloween, can't wait!

Monday through Sunday said...

That is amazing...birthday month for you!!!!