What Happens When You Have 3 Big Sisters

You get to use flowery bibs handed down from your sisters.
Your sister wants you to dress up as a Prince with a pink crown.
You have to participate in tea parties.
You get to sit in a girlie walker.
Your sister wants to play babies with you.
You are the apple of their eye.

I am confident Hank will be well in touch with his feminine side by the time he becomes a man. :)


Abbie said...

Katie!! I'm finally back online after about 2 weeks of our computer not working! arrggg! So I've been catching up on all your blogs-you are a freaking hoot! I just about died laughing about your 'shoplifting' stories! Don't worry, when you are in the slammer, I'll back you a cake with a lock pick baked in the middle. :)

Devin said...

I'm the oldest of three girls then a baby brother. He had to do ALL the girl things. He even wore hand-me-down Chic jeans!! We still laugh about that.

Monday through Sunday said...

I have a brother that got the same treatment..lol.

Steph said...

Just one girl and one boy - but yes, (to my dad's dismay), he puts on the pink cowgirl hat, headbands, Dora stuff. What can we do but laugh? It'll make stronger men out of our little dudes! :)

Lacey said...

My brother was the baby with three older sisters. He is the best boyfriend and will be the best husband ever. They know all about us crazy females!! :0) He is precious!!