Climbing the Wall for a Date- Literally

You know your desperate for a date when signing up for a rock climbing class sounds like a great date! I knew if I signed us up for a couples climbing class that: 1. Max couldn't stand me up by staying at work late, 2. Since we prepaid I wouldn't flake because of being too tired and, 3. It would force us to get in at least one work-out a week. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

For the last month on Thursday nights Max and I have enjoyed a whole hour and half of learning how to rock climb. It was really fun. I was surprised at how mentally challenging it is. You have to plan routes and really not psyche yourself out about how high you are and you have to have full trust in your partner at the bottom holding your lifeline.

The first climb I went up to the top first try and was thinking, "No sweat! Wow, I must be in pretty good shape. I guess popping out all those babies didn't wreck me after all!" It wasn't until the next class when she moved us to the real (not parent/toddler) side of the wall that I realized she had us try an easy (aka children's) route to build our confidence and let us get our feet wet. I didn't make it even half way up the beginner route on our second class but was finally able to on our last class. Max on the other hand seems to be a natural and topped out at every route he attempted. He is already climbing at an intermediate level!

Our instructor taught us all sorts of moves and strength building exercises. Oh how my forearms hurt! We learned how to belay each other and got to do some test falls to see how it feels. Our weight difference is such that if Max really fell, we would probably meet in the middle. She leashed me to the ground when he tried his fall so that we didn't meet in the middle. I learned how to tie some fancy knots (well, for me, who the best knot I tie is a double knot on a kids' shoe lace), and found that climbing is a sport we could really get into! We are so thankful to my mom who was our faithful babysitter. We could have never attempted such a date without her. To all my mother hens out there, don't worry. We have no plans of outdoor climbing until all the chicks have left the nest.

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